self-confidence: Loveable Quote #5

Self-Confidence: Loveable Quote #5

Self-Confidence will kill your fears and birth success. You just have to Believe!

Self-Confidence will kill your fears and birth success, but first you must Believe!

Being confident in yourself gives rise to a strong sense of self-worth.  When your Confidence is strong your presence is also strong.  People start to take notice.  You become a person of interest to everyone and you stand out from the pack.

Self-Confidence can make a room full of doubters change their minds.  You’ll be able to persuade others and your surroundings.  If you are confident, people will believe anything you serve them.  For example, if you believe that you are the best salesperson in the room and you speak with confidence and certainty than the people in the room will believe it to.

How do you do this?  How can you build confidence?

Start by believing in yourself and accepting your flaws, quirks and all.  Stand up straight, look people in the eye, when you speak, speak clearly and with authority.  Walk with grandeur, study and know your craft.  Put time into taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.  When you look your best you feel your best.  Now I know this all takes time and does not all happen over night.  Have you heard the saying Fake it until you Make it?  Well, it works!

An important part of building confidence is being humble.  Put things into the universe that you would like to receive.  Pay compliments to others and acknowledge their accomplishments.  Learn to accept compliments graciously.  Remember confidence not arrogance there is a fine line. Feeling good about yourself should never make others feel uncomfortable.

Once you have achieved a strong sense of Self-confidence success will follow.  It is a Game Changer!



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