Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks

Hi I’m Toni a Louisiana native and lover of all things Cajun and Creole.  I love Spicy flavorful foods.  As a kid, growing up in an area rich with a unique culture and traditions,  I was taught to appreciate many herbs and spices.  I learned all of the tricks needed to turn any plan dish into something fantastic.

I developed a love of cooking from watching and learning from my elders.   They cooked everything using age old recipes centered around love and family.   Family outings and meals were a part of life and culture and still are today.  Traditions and passing the torch to the next generation of cooks is important.  So, I learned from my elders and my daughter is learning from me.

Now that I have the torch,  I still cook using the recipes that were passed down to me, but I have learned how to tweak a thing or two.  Sometimes being a busy mom, and career women does not allow us to cook all day long.  So,  taking some of those age old recipes and making them into crockpot recipes or finding shortcuts is necessary.

I have also developed recipes of my own that are quick and delicious and of course healthy ones too.

Foodies will love these Mouth-Watering recipes you can try and enjoy with your family and share with friends.

Also see a variety of visually stimulating food and drinks from reviews of various restaurants across the U.S.  Click to find what you’re cooking tonight.