STD'S: Is the attraction you share worth the risk of an STD? Protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STD’S: Is the attraction you share worth the risk of an STD? Protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Is the attraction you share worth the risk of an STD? Protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

So,  you meet someone and they’re really attractive.  Everything is new and exciting and the chemistry between the two of you is just the right formula for an explosion.  Then,  after a few conversations and a whole lot of flirting,  you find yourself alone together.  Things get hot and heavy and you decide to become intimate.

But,  you realize that you don’t have protection and neither does he.  Now what?  Do you stop or do you keep going?  Of course you know what you should do,  but the fire between the two of you has already been ignited and before you know it the decision has been made for you.

It’s the morning after.  The night was great,  but after the fire is out and you come to your senses you begin to worry.  “What if I’m pregnant?” is usually your first thought,  but a thought that doesn’t come often enough is, “Have I contracted an STD?”

STD'S: Is the attraction you share worth the risk of an STD? Protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

By night I am a creative,  but by day I work in the field of Science scanning the body for disease.  I enjoy my profession,  but it hurts me to see the increasing numbers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases,  especially among young women.

To often I look through the lens of my microscope and find Sexually Transmitted Diseases that could have been prevented.

The growing number of people contracting STD’s are alarming.  Even with the accessibility of information and resources,  our nation is failing to decrease our numbers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  There are over 20 million new cases of STD’s reported in the U.S. every year.

What are they

Sexually transmitted diseases are caused by viruses,  bacteria,   and parasites passed through Sexual contact with someone who is already infected.  STD’s can be passed by skin to skin contact,  anally,  orally,  and by sexual  intercourse.  Most STD’s can be treated and cured with Meds,  but STD’s like HIV,  Hepatitis,  HPV,  and Herpes are incurable.  Fortunately,  there are Meds that can manage these four STD’s,  but they will never be cured.  If contracted you will have to live with these  diseases for the rest of your life.

Who’s at risk

If you are sexually active you are at risk of contracting an STD.

Contrary to popular belief,  you can not physically tell who has an STD and who does not.  People who are infected usually don’t show symptoms of an infection immediately and don’t realize that they are infected.  And,  men are more likely not to show any signs of infection.

So,  how can you tell who is infected?  Well,  you can’t.  There is only one way to keep yourself from contracted these diseases and that’s by protecting yourself.

How to prevent it

The only way to protect yourself is by wearing a condom.  Condoms prevent the spread of STD’s and they also prevent unwanted pregnancies.  They are the best way to protect yourself and you should be using condoms with every sexual partner.  Many times couples start off using condoms and then become laxed after being more comfortable with one another.  This puts you at risk.

Here’s why.  If you and your partner used condoms up until now and one of you already has an STD,  you could unknowingly infect your partner.  Or,  if one of you is being less than honest to your commitment,  you are both at an increased risk.  Remember,  most men do not show signs or symptoms when infected with some STD’s.

Continue to use condoms as a form of birth control and protection from STD’s until you and your partner or in a committed relationship.  Even then,  condoms are best.

It’s not worth the risk

A night of passion is not worth the risk of unwanted pregnancies or contracting STD’s.  An unwanted pregnancy could change the course of your life forever.  But,  an unwanted STD can actually end your life.  So,  protect yourself.

And remember,  no one has control over your body but you.  The decision to protect yourself is yours.

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