Dream: Loveable Quote #8

Dream: Loveable Quote #8

Dream: It’s okay to have dreams that no one around you believes in or understands. It just means that you have outgrown your surroundings and its time to build a new space.

Dreams are manifested from our deepest desires and no matter how big or small, they are an important part of our life”s process.

When we dream we are contemplating possibilities of a life more grand than the place or stage in life we are in at the moment.  These aspirations can come from many things. They can come from seeing others succeed, hard times, or even encouragement from others.

Encouragement plays a large role in making dreams come true. With a tribe of people who urge your dreams and motivate you to do better, you are more likely to be motivated to set your dreams into motion.

 So, share your dreams with others. Try to find people who listen, encourage, and give positive feedback, and make them a part of your tribe.  The right support system will fuel the fire within you to make your dreams come true.

But, be careful who you share your dreams with. Unfortunately, you will come across Nay Sayers, and discouraging people.  I call them The Dream Killers.

Dream Killers are very identifiable.   They are the people who point out the reasons why your dreams are unreachable. They’re happy to express how rough it will be, how it requires talents which you do not have, and how likely it is that you will fail.

Unfortunately,  sometimes Dream Killers are people whom you trust and feel most comfortable with.  But, remember this, Dream Killers do not have the ability to dream big.  Never share your Big Dreams with people who don’t have the mindset of a Big Dreamer.

Instead, surround yourself with like-minded people.  Surround yourself with people whose dreams are even bigger than yours.  Those you can learn from and who can contribute to and nourish your growth.

It’s okay to have dreams that no one around you believes in or understands.  It does not mean that you’re a sellout or better than, it just means that you have outgrown your surroundings and it”s time to build a new space.

 Sometimes we outgrow situations and relationships.  Know that,  it’s Okay.

And remember,  Dream Big and build a tribe willing to help you make those Dreams come true.


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