Control: Loveable Quote #8

Control: Loveable Quote #9

When you Accept and are Aware of that in which you Can and Cannot control, We become Master over your Life.

Our lives are lived by our aspirations!  We aspire to a life full of happiness, success, family, love, and respect.  Some aspire for more, some for less.  But, no matter how long your list of aspirations are they are dependent on the things we can and cannot control.

The word Control is defined as the power to direct behavior or the course of events.  When we accept and are aware of what we can and cannot control, we  become masters of our own lives.  This means that you’re capable of letting negative things go, making a recovery with ease, understanding what your strengths are, and how to meet your goals.  All of these things are more easily attainable by having knowledge of what we can and cannot control.

Things you can control:

You can control your will.

Your ability to be strong-willed is the most priceless characteristic you can have.  You can will yourself back from defeat, sickness, failure, even the edge of death.  Your Will to do better is the most Powerful weapon against and for all things in your life.

You can control how you treat others.

How you treat others can affect your life on many levels.  You should always treat others the way you would like to be treated.  Bad treatment of others can show up in how others perceive you, how others treat you, and far you go in life.  When you’re  respectful of others you will gain respect.

You can control how hard you work.

How hard you work for what you want in life determines just how successful you will be.  The harder you work at things the more likely you are to carry out your goals.  You control the amount of time and effort put into your goals.  When you work hard your success is inevitable.

You can control your reactions.

Your reactions to situations can cause a range of outcomes in life.  Your reaction to failure,  your reaction to others,  and your reaction to disappointments will all decide how your mental and emotional state is maintained.  If your reactions to bad situations are always to give up, or your reactions to others are to always lash out you, will never have control over your metal state.  People and circumstances have a way of weighing us down.  Sometimes it’s just best to let go, and move on.  Do Not let others control your reactions. 

You can control your attitude.

This one is simple, Negative attitude Negative life.  Positive attitude Positive life!  Your attitude should always be positive no matter what.  Always look for the positive is situations.  Live the Glass is half full life.  Remember, there is a reason for all things in life.  If your going through what seems like a rough patch, it’s probably to prepare you for the greatness that is to come.   Remember, Positive Attitude Positive Life.

Things you cannot control:

You cannot control others

 No matter how hard you try, you cannot control others, and their attitudes, actions, emotions, or behavior.  I think that we focus so much on how others perceive us that we make our own lives miserable.  News flash, what others do is their business.  You can not tell others how to live or behave, but you can lead by example.

When the people around you see your positive attitude, your strong will, and your kindness towards others, it spreads like wildfire.  They are affected in a positive way.  Your behavior is infectious.  You cannot control others but you can influence them.

Change others with what you can control and the only thing you can control is yourself!

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