“When did putting other women down become acceptable?”

“When did putting other women down become acceptable?”

“When did putting other women down become acceptable?”

Yep,  it’s me again.  Back with another random thought.  My random thought for today is “When did putting other women down become acceptable?”

I really would like to know because who ever started it had to be an opportunist.  I mean,  who else would make a woman believe that she is weak or lazy if she hasn’t reached their level of success or if she needs direction from time to time?

Women are shamed by other women often and it usually comes in the form of look at me I’m doing this better than you.  Followed by some form of indirect criticism like “you’ll never have what I have because I’m a boss.”

So,  by now you’re probably wondering where did this random thought derive from?  Well,  I was scrolling threw my twitter feed and up pops these tweets about what this one person has and how sick she was about others asking for help.  She also went on to say that she’s where she is because she works hard and those asking didn’t deserve to be asking because they weren’t on her level.

It was a tirade of indirect criticism of others who had come to her for help or who she deemed as doing things the wrong way.  But,  what  really got me going is the parade of women who cosigned on the tweets.

My twitter feed is what set me off on this random thought,  but the sad part is that I see this all the time between us women.   And,  what’s even worse is that it’s become acceptable.

Look,  this “mean girl” sh*t has to stop.


Have you ever heard the saying “It takes a village?”   Women use to take care of each other and when they saw their sisters struggling they helped out.  What ever happen to Sisterhood?

Ladies,  we have to take care of one another and cheer each other on.  If there is another who needs your guidance,  guide….if someone needs an ear,  listen….if she needs support,  be present.  Give support and empower other women no matter where they are in their journey.  And please remember,  someone can benefit from the experiences that you’ve learned in yours.

So,  I challenge you to form a sisterhood circle of support for women in your circle and for yourself.  Choose women who are further in their journey and those who haven’t come as far as you have.  Meet at least once a month for a girls night out, or a book club, or brunch.  It doesn’t have to be fancy it just needs to be a safe space where you can talk,  listen,  cheer,  and support.

Let’s bring back sisterhood.  We all benefit from it.

I hope that this random thought inspires you to be more active in the support of other women and forming sisterhoods.  And, until next time, Be blessed and do everything in your power to “make life sweet.”




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