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The “Black Panther” Movie Killed at the Box Office!

The Black Panther Killed at the box office!

Hello Everyone,  Welcome to what’s Toni Thinking!  I’m back again with my two cents on my favorite topics.  Today’s topic is one that I am so excited about.  The “Black Panther” Movie Killed at the box office.  Yes!

Did you see it?

Don’t worry there’s no spoilers in this post.

The “Black Panther” movie made a whopping  361$ million dollars over the weekend at the box office.  Yaaas!



Black Panther Movie Breaking Records

“Black Panther” broke records this weekend by coming in 5th in all time opening weekend  profits.  The only franchise that made more was “Star Wars.”  Now,  this is so wonderful to me because in the past big production companies claim that African American movies don’t do well at the box office therefore,  they do not fund big budgets for them.

African American supporters showed up in droves to support this movie.  Not only did we show up but we showed out.  We came in huge numbers to support this movie that we all were so proud of.

We also showed up to represent in African attire with your entire families,  friends,  and coworkers in support of this first all black leading cast ever in a Marvel film.



For all Ages

By the way,  “Black Panther Movie”  is for all races and ages.  It is one of the best Marvel Movies ever.  So,  if you haven’t see it go out and get your tickets now.  It’s not a requirement to dress in African attire,  but it is a fun thing to do.

Have you seen the “Black Panther” movie yet?  What did you think?  Share your experience in the comments below.

Until next time,  Be Blessed and do everything in your power to make life sweet!





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