What other's Think About You is None of Your Business

What other’s Think About You is None of Your Business

Hey ya’ll,

I’m back again with another random thought.

So,  I was in the store the other day and I over heard a conversation between two women.  One woman happen to be older,  maybe in her mid to late 40’s and the other seem to be in her late teens maybe early 20’s.

Anyway,  I heard the younger of the two saying  “I want this one,  but I don’t want people to think I’m weird.”  The older women asked her “what’s weird about it?”  Her response was “this is not what everyone’s wearing.”

The older women said, “ok,  but which one do you like.”  The younger women held up the one she said everyone would think was weird.  “So,  get the one you like,  you’re the one that’s paying for it.”  said the older women.

And,  to my amazement the younger women still seemed indecisive.

After listening,  well eavesdropping,  on the conversation between the two women I started thinking,  we put way to much stock into what others think and say about us.  And,  although this situation happen to be something as simple as clothing,  we all do it on some level in our lives.

We worry about what others will say if we don’t look like everyone else and if we don’t think like everyone else.  We even worry about what others will say if we don’t get something right the first time.

Worrying about what people say and how we’re going to look to them causes self doubt.

I mean we don’t want them not to like us right?

But,  let me ask you this.  Who are they,  others,  and them?

They,  others,  and them are usually people we don’t know,  people who don’t really care about us,  or people we do know,  but don’t have the guts to be themselves or just plain old haters.  I know that was kind of blunt,  but sorry not sorry.  It had to be said.

This saying has been around for a while and I don’t know who said it first,  but it is one of the best sayings floating around today.

What other’s think about you is none of your business….

You should care about what makes you happy and brings you joy.  Once you can do that,  freedom will follow.  Yep,  I said freedom!  Because right now,  without even knowing it,  you are trapped inside a box with four walls and no windows.

Think about it.

So,  this ends another random thought and until next time,  be blessed and do everything in your power to make life sweet.





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