Keeping up with the Joneses': Learn to be Rich without Money

Keeping up with the Joneses’: Learn to be Rich without Money

Keeping up with the Joneses’: Learn to be Rich without Money

Most of us know the old cliché about keeping up with the Jones’.  If you’re not familiar,  the meaning of the cliché’ refers to people who are obsessed with keeping up with appearances.

They have to have the better car,  the biggest home in the most prestigious neighborhood,  and the latest name brands.  But,  the problem is that they want all these things for the wrong reasons.  And those reasons are to seem better than the next man.   Appearances are everything and they will do anything to keep them up including going into debt.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?  Are you caught up in appearances  and trying to impress others?

If so,  keep reading.

Keeping up is Stressful

Getting the newest hand bag or the latest red bottoms is not a problem.  But,  buying those things when you don’t have the money to do so is.  Are you spending money that you don’t have to keep up with everyone else?

How is mismanaged spending affecting you?  Are you juggling bills?  Are you unable to get the things you need because you’ve spent to much?

Spending money that you don’t have causes the unwanted stress of having to compensate for the extra cost.  You are creating more and more debt which keeps you from getting to the status that you’re chasing in the first place.

Instead,  you could have invested that money into something that would truly contribute to a better life.  Material things won’t provide what you’re truly looking for.  Happiness.

True Riches and Happiness

True riches and happiness come from living a happy life.  The life that you have made for yourself by doing the things that you love doing and being the person that you want to be.  Not a life that you’re trying to mimic.

Society portrays success as having material things,  but true success is having a life that brings you happiness.  The only way to obtain a happy life is to learn to be rich without money.

A good support system

A good support system is priceless.  The comfort and security of family and friends is something that you can”t buy.  Sometimes we take these things for granted and don’t realize the value in a great support system.

It provides laughter,  advice,  counseling, motivation, companionship, and things that we enjoy and don’t realize we need.  They make life bearable, interesting, and happy.

Purposeful Work

Instead of seeking material things,  seek purposeful work.  We all have a purpose in life.  If you haven’t found your purpose yet work on finding it.

Most of us start out choosing a career by how much money we’ll make.  Unfortunately,  by choosing a career this way we end up in jobs that we loathe going to everyday.  But,  when we are working in our purpose,  we view work differently.  People who work in their purpose actually enjoy going to work everyday.

Now,  finding purposeful work doesn’t have to be in career choices only.  It can also be as simple as sharing your talents with others or helping to make someone else’s life a little easier.  The joy that you receive from giving will bring you happiness.   And,   the positivity that you put out into the universe will return to you in ways you’ve never dreamed.

Living a life that includes purpose is fulfilling and will enrich your life even further.

Live life for yourself

Build the life that you desire and not the one that society says you should have.  This is most import of all the riches you can amass.  Get to know yourself and develop your own opinions.  Read,  learn, and grow.  Seek knowledge and expand your thinking.  This is how you will develop a sense of self.

When you stop following the masses and get to know the things that truly bring you joy,  you will become the richest you’ve ever been.  Free from the stress of keeping up appearances and pretending to be something that you’re not.  Your likes and dislikes are all your own and you won’t worry about what people think because you’ll be able to think for yourself.

When you value relationships,  work in your purpose, and live life to appease yourself and not others you will feel like the richest man or woman alive.


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