Unintentional Lies Portrayed by Social Media Users

Unintentional Lies Portrayed by Social Media Users

Unintentional Lies Portrayed by Social Media.

Let’s talk Social Media.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. are all popular Social Media sites we all use.

Social Media is a great place for picture sharing, keeping in touch with friends, advertisements, and marketing.

These are just a few things that people use the popular social Media sites for.  But, if you’re not familiar with how its users are using these sites, it can also be a means to self-doubt, low self-esteem, and even depression.  Here’s how.  Social Media is a common place for unintentional lies portrayed by its users.  Here are 3 of the most popular Unintentional Lies portrayed by Social Media users.

Unintentional Lie #1:

Everyone has great Hair, good Skin, and a Flawless look.

When scrolling through Facebook pictures it seems that everyone is model material.  There are no bad angles, no bad lighting, and definitely no bad pictures.  It can make you think that you aren’t measuring up and you need to work on your looks.  The lie here is that everyone has perfect hair, perfect skin, and are always flawless.

Lie Revealed:  

Filters make all things bad, look great and Photoshop is the greatest at correcting flaws.

Not everyone uses apps or Photoshop, but many do and those of us who don’t never post bad pictures.  Sometimes a picture can be taken 3 to 4 times before one is taken that is satisfactory.  Don’t be fooled!  No one post bad pictures to Social Media and most importantly No one is without flaws!

Unintentional Lie #2:

Perfect relationships

Every post about the perfect husband, wife, son, daughter, friend, etc. are made to praise an individual in that person’s life.  We do this to show appreciation for the individual, show love and affection towards this person, or to show gratitude.  There is nothing wrong with doing this.   But, to a person looking in from the outside it can be dishearten.  Someone who is going through a trying time with maintaining personal relationships, can feel like they are failing.

Lie Revealed: 

No one has perfect relationships with everyone all the time.

These post are posted because we are proud that this relationship with that person has come to this great moment.  Listen, there isn’t a parent or person in this world who has not been met with some type of disappointment from a child, significant other, or other types of relationships.  All relationships have problems, but it’s those problems that make the happy times, achievements, and getting to this happy place in the relationship more enjoyable.

Therefore, when you see these post please know that No one has perfect relationships and that everyone has problems from time to time.  You’re not alone.

Unintentional Lie #3: 

Everyone is Successful

Cars, homes, money, clothes. trips, great jobs, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  Yep, everyone has a plethora of endless assets, resources, and success.  It seems like every post is about a new car, a great home, fancy clothes, and expensive trips.  We all post about our greatest accomplishments or exceptional times in our lives. We all share the many successes that we experience in our lives and those we are most proud of.

Lie Revealed:  

What we don’t do is post the things that are not a success.

People never post their failures.  As a result, this may fuel feelings of failure to a person who has not reached their goals, or who hasn’t accomplished what they have set out to do yet.  What you don’t see are the many trials and hurdles that were overcome to get to success.  You’re only seeing a part of the picture.

Therefore, if you find yourself comparing your life to those on social media and you’re having feelings of self-doubt, low self-esteem, or depression remember its only part of the story.  The entire story is not being told, only the ending.  Stop comparing your life to those on your social media pages and start living life right were you are and make the best of it.



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