Growth: loveable Quote #2

Growth: Loveable Quote #2

Loveable Quotes #2: Growth


The Quickest way to become handicapped to worry about what others think….

Worrying about what others think every time you decide to try something new or make a choice that is different from what’s trending takes a lot of time and energy.  You will find yourself constantly questioning and second guessing all decisions.  This is not healthy for any of us.  By doing this we are stifling our own creativity and growth.  Yes, we are all the same in many ways, but as individuals we all have talents and thoughts that are uniquely ours.  We must make a conscious decision to accept ourselves as we are, love what we love, and have confidence in the choices we make.  Remember, no one knows you better that yourself.

When you decide to love yourself and everything that comes with that you will realize just how free you feel. The choices you make will be specific to you and not to what is considered the norm.  Decision making will become simpler. Doors will unlock, paths will be clearer, and goals are now attainable because you’re living the life you are supposed to and not the one others say you should.

Growth is a necessary part of life.  When you allow yourself to worry about what others think about your choices in life you limit your ability of movement and navigating through life.  Your path is not the same as anyone else’s.  Allow yourself the freedom to move freely.



Are you able to move freely?  Is this something that you struggle with?  Tell us how you feel about this quote and share your path to personal growth with us.

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Loveable Quote #2

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