lessons in maintaining peace of mind

3 Lessons in: Maintaining Peace of Mind

Through out life I have learned a lesson that has been long traveled.  This lesson has resurfaced on many occasions throughout the years.  It has caused unnecessary stress, anxiety, and headaches.  It is the lesson of learning to obtain and protect your peace of mind.

Unfortunately, I have had to learn and relearn this lesson over and over again.  Why you may ask?

Well, in the past I have failed myself by:

1. Allowing others to intrude and invade my quiet space

2. Allowing myself to replay and ponder scenes from the past

3. Trying to keep up negative relationships that aren’t worth maintaining.

3 Lessons Learned in: Maintaining Peace of Mind

Lesson 1

Never allow others to invade your quiet place. 

There should always be a part of you that can not be reached and tainted by anyone.  A place were you do not allow others to change who you are.  How often do we allow people and situations to change us?  The answer to this question is, to often.  I have always been a giving person, but there has been so many instances where I have been taken advantage of because of this.  Each time this has happen I swore off helping others and going the extra mile for anyone, but guess what?  By doing this I am changing a very important characteristic that is crucial to what makes my personality.


I no longer allow others short comings to affect my character.  By doing so, I am at peace with myself.  Remember, it’s about you and what makes you happy and what feels right to you.  In this instance, helping others makes me feel good regardless of how one or two rotten apples have behaved.  It doesn’t change who I am.

Lesson 2

 Do not replay and ponder past indiscretions. 

This is a lesson that I still struggle with today.  I allow my mind to wander and scroll back to situations that should have long been forgotten.  For example, what I should have said to an associate that was rude to me one to many times, or the manager who never gave me credit for my work, or the family member who is really bossy at family functions, but never does any work.  Yes, I am guilty of this and many of you may be also.  The problem with this type of thinking is that you’re holding your mind hostage.  You are beating yourself up over and over thinking about what you could have said or should have done.


It’s over!  You can’t go back and change it no matter what you do.  You are recycling negative images and feelings through your mind and holding it at bay.  Instead, trade those negative images and thoughts for positive ones.  I do this by redirecting my thoughts to things that I enjoy doing.  I listen to cheerful music, read a book, or call a friend and chat away about nothing.

Lesson 3

Stop allowing negative people to invade your positive space. 

How many of us have that one friend, coworker, relative or just all around negative person who is always complaining?  You know the one.  They are always complaining about one thing or another, whether it’s the meal they just ate, their traffic commute, or the people they work with.  They hate their job, their life, and every idea you have ever had whether good or bad.  Do you notice how heavy the mood feels when they are around?  It’s like they are sucking all the positive energy out of the room.  Take notice of how you feel before and after you come into contact with one of these kind of people.  Your mood has change and you feel drained.  That’s because they have changed your mind-set by replacing your positive energy with their negative energy.


Do not allow this type of person to steal your peace of mind.  Separate yourself and avoid long interactions with them.  If that is not possible try to redirect the conversation. Still not working?  Avoid them completely!   You can not allow this type of person to alter your state of mind.

All three lessons are things that I try to apply to my life daily.  I’m not perfect so I’m still learning, but these three lessons have given me the serenity and peace of mind that I need to make my life a happier one.

How do you Maintain Peace of Mind? Let us know in the comments below.









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