Try these Natural ways to Ease Nerves and Relax

Try these Natural ways to Ease Nerves and Relax

Try these Natural ways to Ease Nerves and Relax

Have you ever felt agitated and didn’t know why exactly?  Feeling a little restless and unable to wind-down after a stressful day?  You feel impatient, agitated, fidgety and unable to rest?

Well I have,  but thanks to a few natural remedies I was able to correct those uneasy feelings and I would like to share them with you.

Here are a few Natural ways to ease nerves and relax.

Natural Remedies

Have a cup of tea

Try drinking Chamomile tea.  Chamomile studies show that it has calming effects that work to ease mild anxiety and stress related symptoms.  And, it taste great.  Try adding a little honey to your cup.  I love the taste of chamomile and honey.  You can also prepare your Chamomile with a splash of milk.

It really doesn’t matter what you add to it we’re here for the medicinal benefits of chamomile which is its’ calming effect.

Breathe in the calm

Have you ever tried essential oils?  If you haven’t you are missing out on the great natural healing benefits of oils.  For a calming effect you can use Chamomile oil.  Yes,  this is a second way to benefit from the calming effects of Chamomile.  This is good for those of you who aren’t to fond of teas.

Now,  I prefer chamomile in my cup, but in my diffusor I love the scent of lavender.  Lavender is another great way to breath in the calm.  It’s been proven to raise cognitive function and also decrease anxiety and stress.  Not to mentions it smells lovely.

Soak your woes away

There’s nothing like a warm bath to soak your woes away.  A warm bath always has a calming effect on me.  But,  if I add Epsom salts to my bath it’s a wrap,  no more stress.  I feel calm and just better period.

Epsom salts is a combination of Magnesium and Sulfate which are absorbed through the skin.  The process of reverse osmosis takes place and pulls toxins out of the body.  It also reduces inflammation which is great for swollen ankles and feet after a long day.

It will enhance blood flow,  increase nerve function and relieve soar muscles.  All of these benefits will give you what you need to settle your nerves and relax.

So try one or all of these natural remedies the next time you’re feeling like you can’t turn your mind off .



***Epsom salts and chamomile should not be used while pregnant

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