“What’s Toni Thinking”

“What’s Toni Thinking”

Personal thoughts,  we all have them.  We’ve all seen or heard things that make us all scratch our heads and think.  Sometimes those personal thoughts make it to conversations with others and sometimes they’re just random thoughts.

Wouldn’t it be cool to know what others are thinking?  Are they thinking the same thing you’re thinking?

“What’s Toni Thinking” is a culmination of random personal thoughts that are inspired by everyday life.

I will be telling you what I’m REALLY thinking about people, subjects, and other sticky situations.  Sometimes we will agree and sometimes we won’t,  but we will probably have had the same thoughts at one point or another.

This page will poke fun and be more light hearted than the main blog.  Let’s have a little fun and share what we’re thinking.

Join the conversation!

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