Girl Code101: 5 Rules of Sisterhood

Girl Code 101: 5 Rules of Sisterhood

Being a best friend is an important role to play in someone’s life.  As a best friend, you are a companion, counselor, mediator, cheerleader, etc.,  wearing many hats and holding many responsibilities is very normal.

The most important job is being her confidant.  So, are you?

Here are a few rules straight from the unwritten book, (Girl Code 101: 5 rules of Sisterhood.)

5 rules of Sisterhood:

1.  Do Not Tell Her Business!

You’re her confidant!  That means what she confides in you goes no further than your ears.  Do not tell her business.  Sometimes as women we love to gossip (a lot).  Do Not allow your chatty catty ways to let your besties business slip out.  Her business is not yours to tell unless she ask you to spread the word.

2.  Do Not Allow Others To Speak Badly About Her in Your Presence

Ok, this one is important.  Loyalty is very important when being a best friend.  Do Not Allow Others To Speak Badly About Her In Your Presence this is a Sisterhood Crime and should be punishable by Exile.

You should be brave enough to defend her and stick up for her among others.  Do not take part in bashing her even if you are at odds with her in that moment.  If the offenders are associates/friends of yours walk away and be sure to make it known why you won’t take part.

3.  Do Not Date The Same Guy!

Many may disagree on this Sisterhood rule.  Some say it depends on how long ago it was or how serious it was or if it was a good or bad break up.  These all sound great, but only in hypothetical situations.  Do not date the same guy. 

You will not know how you feel until that day comes and I guarantee that some feelings that you just don’t understand will arise.  No need to get into those feelings now,  lets just say there is no reason to date a man your bestie has already dated or was interested in dating in the past.

There are to many men in the world to take the chance at ruining a strong relationship with your bestie.

4.  Do Not Hold Grudges Against Her Significant Other!

This one is tricky.  Your girlfriend is going to confide in you.  This includes when she’s angry at her mate.  You have to remember that she is venting.  Key word Venting!  If she says that she can’t stand the ground that he walks on, this just means that she’s really angry now.  It does not give you the go ahead to bash him along with her.

Your job is to listen!  This is all she needs in the moment because tomorrow she will be in love again.

Here is the hard part, you now have all this bad information on her mate that is still in your head.  So what do you do with it?  Toss it out!  Do not hold grudges against her significant other.  The things that she said was out of frustration and she probably didn’t mean it.  He is probably venting to his best friend too.

Now, here’s the tricky part,  If your bestie is constantly complaining and crying about an abusive relationship, as a best friend, it’s time to step in and let her know that she can do better.   Remind her of the awesome person she is and that she deserves better.  Also remind her that people treat you the way that YOU allow them to.

5.  Do Tell Her When She’s Wrong!

We all have moments when we allow our emotions to get the best of us, or make wrong decisions and choices.  As a Best friend,  you can not be a “yes man”  pretending that your bestie is right when she is totally wrong.  Your bestie can not grow and evolve if she is unaware.  So,  Do tell her when she is wrong ,  but do not do so in a hurtful way.


Do you agree or disagree with these rules?  Do you have any Sisterhood rules that you would add? Let us know.

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