Atlantic City Exploration

Atlantic City Exploration…..

This past weekend was Mother’s Day weekend and although my daughter was not her to celebrate with me I had a great time.  My husband and I got in the car and drove like we’ve done on many occasions and ended up in Atlantic City.  There was no plans or expectations  just a spontaneous trip into unknown territory.

Once there we found our way to the casino strip and picked the first one we found.  Now, neither one of us are gamblers, yes you heard right, we don’t gamble.  But that doesn’t matter because there was so much to do we never got board.  We ended up going into the Tropicana Casino where we had diner and saw a movie. Buy the way, Captain America: Civil War was an awesome movie!   It started out slow, but once the action started it was non-stop.  A definite must see.  Back to the Casino!

After the Movie,  we went to an area of the Casino called the Quarters which was like a little city of restaurants within the casino.  There was  The Palm (Steak House), Carmine’s (Italian cuisine), P.F. Chang’s (Chinese cuisine), and Cuba Libre (Cuban cuisine), and RI RA Irish Pub.

Atlantic City


I have been to and absolutely love Carmine’s, P.F. Chang’s and Cuba Libre.   To see my reviews on P.F. Chang’s, and Cuba Libre  click these links.  I really wanted seafood so we decided to eat at the buffet which was further inside.  The Buffet was ok, my husband was not impressed and I can’t really judge because I only ate the snow crab legs which I loved.

After the buffet it was time to explore we ended up at a nice little bar  that was very lively and full of some of the most friendliest people, who laughed with us and bought us drinks.  Once they found out we were out-of-towners we became celebrities..(just kidding)  But, they were fascinated with how we got there and our accents and all things southern.   We had a blast and stayed there for at least three hours drinking, laughing, and having a good time.

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Since everything was right there on the beach we spent the rest of the night walking the board walk, We took a trolly to the mall and a few other casinos and enjoyed ourselves until we were exhausted.

Now that we know all that Atlantic city has to offer, next time it will be a planed trip.  There are concerts and shows that run on the strip every month a few coming up pretty soon that I will be attending.  Just another great Adventure with the Hubby!  Can’t wait to see where our next Adventure will take us.
















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