Hello Everyone. I'm Back!

Hello Everyone. I’m Back!

Hey Everyone.   I’m Back,

I was gone for way to long.  I apologize for the absence and I am happy, so happy to be writing again.  You probably want to know where I’ve been for so long,  right?  Well it ‘s really quite boring.

So where have I been?  Well,  first let me tell you about loosing my right hand.  No, not my actual right hand… I’m talking about my computer.  So,  I sent my trusty friend (laptop) off to be repaired because of a broken hinge and it took forever to be fixed.  I thought it would be gone for two weeks at the most, but the repair center had other ideas.  Two weeks turned into a month and a month turned into added weeks.

Finally,  a notice that repairs could not be made.  Yes, my old friend went to the computer grave yard.  But,  don’t fret a new computer came out of it and here I am back with you again saying hello!

Let me fill you in on what I did while I was gone.

I launched a new business!  Yeah!

Yep.  I’ve been busy.  I opened up and have hit the ground running.  I’m so excited about it that I can hardly contain my joy!  I’ve always wanted to open a business, but I was never sure about what exactly that business would be.  Well I’m finally here and it feels great!!!

I’ve also been spending lots of time with family, going on adventures, and exploring new things, you know the usual.

Love and positivity is still high on my list of priorities along with mental health and loving nurturing relationships.  So,  although somethings have change a few things will always remain the same.

I’ve still been living life in a positive light and making sure life is always Sweet.

I’ll be writing regularly again so please drop by from time to time to check in for new inspiring post.

Happy to be back! I’m so happy to see that you’re back too. I’ve missed you.








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