Gifts: What Not to Get your Wife for Christmas.

Gifts: What Not to Get your Wife for Christmas.

Gifts: What Not to get your wife for Christmas

Season Greetings!  It’s Christmas time!  For most of us it’s a wonderful and Merry time of the year.  Spending time with family and Christmas shopping is a large part of this holiday season.

Some people have no problems deciding what to get for everyone and actually enjoy going out to shop.  The stores are decorated with beautiful Christmas decor, there’s Cheerful Christmas Music playing in the background, and holiday sales and specials are everywhere.

But, for some it’s the time of year that is dreaded the most.  I’m not targeting any one type of person, but let’s just say the names of many of these  people are usually the same.  Husbands!  They Don’t like shopping, they Don’t know what to buy, and most feel lost in department stores.

So,  because we can’t tell you what to get for your wife,  let us help you by telling you What Not to get your Wife for Christmas.

  1.  1. Do Not get Cleaning Accessories or Goods

Do Not get your beloved a vacuum , dish washer, etc. for Christmas.  It implies that she needs to clean more.  And it is a gift for the entire house, not her. You may find it outside when you get back from work the next day.

2. Do Not get your Honey Cooking Utensils and Supplies.

Getting cooking supplies like pots and pans, blenders, mixers, etc. implies that she needs to cook more.  Again,  this is a gift for the home not for her.  Only get these types of gifts if she specifically ask for them at Christmas.


3. Do Not get your Sweetie the New 65″ TV that you’ve been eyeing all year.

That Big Screen with the latest features is a gift for you and the home.  Not your sweetie.  This is not the time to get another item that you’ve been eyeing all year and put her name on it.  You may find yourself watching your new toy alone.


4.  Do Not get your Bae a Fishing trip, Hunting trip, Basket/Football Tickets that You’ve been dying for.

That fishing trip that you have wanted to go on is not a wonderful gift for your wife.  No,  taking her is not a gift, and no just because she likes fishing does not make it a gift for her.  This is a joint gift.  Unless together you two decide that this is what you both want for Christmas, it is not an acceptable gift for your Honey.


5.  Do Not get your Heart… Nothing at all.

This is the worst thing you can do.  Even if it’s a little something,  you must give her something to show that you thought about her this holiday.  Again,  if the two of you have come to some sort of agreement great, but if not this is the Ultimate Don’t.


Listen, we understand that you are practical thinkers.  We get it.  Why not kill two birds with one stone right?   Wrong!

Basically Husbands,  this is your wife’s gift and hers alone, so it should benefit only her.  It should bring a smile to her face and make her feel special.

Gifts that are for cooking and cleaning benefits the household.  It is not specifically for her.  Everyone in the home enjoys household gifts and benefits from them.  It’s not fair that everyone get’s individual gifts that are not shared and she doesn’t get the same.

Gifts that are beneficial to you are a definite no, no, also.  The big screen you wanted or the Cowboy/Redskin tickets are not a gift for your wife.  This is not the time to be selfish.  This is Her gift, not yours.  So,  please do not think that because she watches football with you on Sundays, this makes it ok.  If she doesn’t ask, it is a joint gift.

And please do get Something!  Don’t get so frustrated that you decide to just give her money so she can get what she wants herself.  The joy of knowing that you put thought and time into getting a gift is worth more than the gift itself.

Women love to open up a gift that is unexpected.  You know,  that one item that she mentioned way back in April, that came up on T.V., while you guys where watching your favorite T.V. program, yep that one.  You wrote it down, right?   It will be her favorite.  You’ll be getting brownie points for a month for those types of gifts.

Now,  I sure by now you feel like your being scolded, so here is a little incentive.  The joy that she feels will be a paid back to you for a long time. Starting Christmas Night!  Remember happy wife, Happy life!

Happy Shopping!





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