Ask Toni

Welcome to Ask Toni

Ask Toni came about because over the course of a year I have receive quiet a few questions regarding relationships, self-confidence, friendships,  and more.  I decided to create this space so that you can ask your questions and get answers from me and maybe help someone else in the process.

Sometimes, we need to ask questions that we can’t ask anyone else.  Many of us  don’t have a really close friend to confide in or we may be to embarrassed by what we want to ask.


I want you to know that this is a judgement free zone.   We are all here for support and encouragement.  Let’s support each other with tips, inspiration, empowerment, motivation, and most important love.

If you’re still a little leery about asking questions publicly it’s ok,  you don’t have to be because you also have the option of asking anonymously!  You decide.

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***This advice does not take the place of therapy or counseling which should be taken into consideration when reading.  We’re here to give personal opinions on subjects that most of us have gone through at one point or another.

I am a wife, mom, writer and true believer in creating your own recipe to making life sweet!