Ask Toni: Should I give a two weeks notice?

I have been working for my current employer for over a year.  I decided that it is not a fit and I have found a company that is better suited.  I was offered a position and I accepted.  My question is do I HAVE to give my current employer a 2 weeks notice?


First let me start by saying congratulations on your new position.  It’s great that you have found a position that aligns with your wants and needs.  Now let’s get to your question.  Do you have to give a two weeks notice?  Technically,  no you do not have to give a two weeks notice.  But,  most companies ask for a two weeks notice in order to remain in good standing for rehire.

Now,  if you have no intentions of returning to this company,  then do what you must.  But,  I say never burn any bridges.  You never know how your paths may cross again.  And,  it’s only two weeks.  It may seem like an eternity to you,  but time goes by quickly.  So,  my advice is to be courteous and give a two weeks notice.


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