Take a knee..... #takeaknee why are so many people upset??

Take a knee….. #takeaknee why are so many people upset??

Take a knee

Yep,  like clockwork,  I’m back again with another random thought.  Well maybe not so random today.  My thought for today?  #takeaknee why are so many people upset?

Unless you’re not a football fan,  you are familiar with what went on this pass Sunday in the world of football.  Many individual players and several organizations banded together in protest of the mistreatment of black people in America.


I must say that upon seeing this I became a little misty eyed at the fact that they have finally done this.  And,   I also have to say that this is long over due.

Now,  I’m sure that some of you will read this and disagree.  I’ve heard and read arguments from both sides and I have to say that if you don’t get it,  it’s probably because it doesn’t affect you.


From the things that I’ve read on social media,  it is very obvious that most people who opposed these protest are either naïve or just don’t want to get it.  Their argument is that not standing for the National Anthem is disrespectful to our country and the people who served.  And,  people were very passionate in their statements and responses.

So,  let me put a little spin on things and play devil’s advocate.

Let me ask this question.  Those of you who are so appalled at the protest and of course super patriotic.   I have to ask.  Do you stand up in your home when the National Anthem is being played?


That would be a “No”  right?   Don’t worry we’re not judging.  By we, I mean myself who served in my early years and my husband who has served for over 26 years and is still serving today along with thousands of other soldiers and military families.

You see,  my husband has been on several tours and has served our country with honor.  He does it to protect your rights and ours.  It’s his job and he has put that uniform on everyday with pride.

I find it a little upsetting to see people exploiting people who serve by using them as a ploy in their arguments to silence protesters.  It’s very disheartening to say the least.

Any soldier who serves,  serves for the rights of people…..All people……not just a select few,  which includes the right to protest.

Now,  I want to end this post with a reminder of what this protest is about.  It is about the unconstitutional mistreatment of black people.  This has nothing to do with standing or kneeling.  If you prefer to stand during the national anthem and do not care to participate in this protest then don’t.  It’s your right to do so,  just like it’s their right to participate.

But,  I want you to ask yourself why are you so angry, vocal, and opinionated about it,  but not so much about why this protest started in the first place,  which is the mistreatment of fellow Americans.

Thing about it…….

…..and until then,  be blessed and do everything in your power to make life sweet and free!





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