Funny Stories: Spouse-less

Funny Stories: Spouse-less

Funny thing happen to me today.  I found myself missing my spouse.  You see, he is away on mission and will be gone for a month!

For a moment,  I was not happy about being separated for a month because I knew that I would miss him.  You see,  the two of us go together like peanut butter and jelly, like fish and grits, like red beans and rice…. (Well, you get the point.)  We’re really close and we love hanging out together.

So, I started to think….. what am I going to do while he’s gone?  I mean, I’m going to be in this house all by myself!…….   Wait….  By myself?  Then it dawned on me.  I’m going to be by myself and I can do what ever, …when ever,… and …however I choose?  That means no debates over the chick flicks I want to watch, no tripping over  things or picking up behind him, and no chances of the toilet seat being up in the middle of the night?

Ha….I can’t wait!

On the first day by myself,  I ate cookies and watch the Classic movie channel all day.  I sang and danced to the musicals like I was in the movie myself.  On Day two,  I had a Pajama Day!  I turned on some music and listen to oldies but goodies and had another dance session all by my myself………(think Tom Cruise in Risky Business)….. I didn’t comb my hair or put on makeup and shoes never touched my feet on that day.  By day three, I was ready to get out, so I went to the mall and walk into every store.  I browsed every women’s clothing store there and then circled back to those same stores and bought the things that I wanted……  (Something my other half does not understand.)   This went on for two weeks.

And then it happened.!!!!

Although I’m having a great time,  today I realized that I was missing my other half.

Here’s Why…….

I missed the time that WE share together.  I wanted to talk with him about my day and about what was on the news.   I wanted to show him the great buys I got at the mall and tell him about the aaggressive sales woman that I met.  I missed our winding down time, where we sit and cuddle while browsing social media and share funny videos and articles……Basically, I missed his Companionship. 

In these past two weeks I’ve learned two valuable lessons.  First is that, time alone with myself is necessary and I’m going to continue to enjoy this time alone. The second thing I’ve learned is that,  my husband’s companionship is priceless and I’m blessed to have found someone like him.  Although I am going to continue to cherish this time to myself, I look forward to my best friend’s return.





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