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Single Women: The Single Life is your Best Life!


Happy Monday Sis..

I was getting dressed and I was thinking about what I was going to do today and I decided to make this video about living your life now as a single woman.

In the video I’m sending a message to all single women who are waiting to live life or who are afraid to fly solo.  It’s a topic that we all have dealt with at some point in life.  This message focuses on single women,  but it’s for anybody who is not comfortable being alone.

Please watch the video and comment below to encourage others and/or share your story about being single and living your life.

I am a wife, mom, blogger and true believer in creating your own recipe to making life sweet!

4 thoughts on “Single Women: The Single Life is your Best Life!

  1. Great post Toni. Single is not bad and society makes one feel less then if you are not connected. Prior to marriage we thrived as singles and now continue to being married. Life should not change because of marital status in our thoughts. We are bestest friends.

      1. Amen Toni. Somehow the world wants us to think we’re not whole unless we are with someone by the time we reach a certain age. Our advice is live and when the time is right Mr/Ms right will enter and blow your socks off.

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