Self-care: 5 Things you Should say to Yourself Everyday when Looking in the Mirror.

Self-care: 5 Things you Should say to Yourself Everyday when Looking in the Mirror.

Self-care: 5 Things you Should say to Yourself Everyday when Looking in the Mirror.

Let’s face it,  sometimes life can be difficult.  The day to day of career,  family,  household,  and task can be more than we can chew.  Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the pressure of it all.

Not to mention,  the outside eyes and opinions that are judging how we perform from one day to the next.  It can be stressful.  The pressure to be perfect and perform flawlessly can cause insecurities and we begin to believe that we aren’t as good as the next person.

Society has decided that if you’re anything other than a superwoman in your career,  family life,  and running your household,  then you are unfit,  lazy,  or a failure.  We’ve been taught to be superwoman and then ridiculed and shamed when we are anything less.  It’s not fair and it is certainly not realistic.

If we are not careful these unrealistic expectations from society can cause feelings of shame,  guilt,  insecurity.

So,  before I go out everyday to face the world,  I give myself a little self-motivation.  I look in the mirror before I start my day and I tell myself these 5 things.


You are strong.  The feeling of being strong can be diminished when we feel overwhelmed.  When and if we have a moment of releasing in the form of crying,  venting,  or feeling unsure it’s viewed as cracking under pressure.  The stigma of  not being a superwoman weighs heavily on our shoulders at every turn.  And,  we can never be caught without our capes on or it will be viewed as being weak.

It’s ok,   you can hang your cape up sometimes.

Expressing emotions does not make you weak.   It means that you are in the moment and aware of your feelings and that’s a good thing.  Taking the time to release helps you to reset and let go of stress.

Haven’t you noticed that after a good vent or a good cry things don’t seem as overwhelming?

It was stress!

Feelings do not equate to weakness.   It means that you are human and Alive!

You are strong and resilient and you need to remember that,  so tell yourself everyday.


You are worthy of every good thing that comes your way.  You are worthy of being respected,  loved,  and most of all  you are worthy of happiness.  Never feel like an unfavorable past should dictate your worth.

Everyday is a new day for starting over.  Yesterday was yesterday and today is a new day.  A new day for you to make the life you want.  You control this life,  no one else does.

Take charge and be the person you desire to be.  You should not only want good things to come, you should expect good things to come.

You are worthy and you should remind yourself of this everyday.


Yes,  you are smart.  I’m really big on this one and you should always include this one in your daily affirmations.  We all deal with self-doubt  and sometimes we let self-doubt put us in a box.  This stunts our growth.  But,  what’s even worse is that we have so much doubt in our own “smarts” that we go to others for approval.   Notice I said approval and not advice or opinions.

Never let the opinions of others decide your next move in life.  It’s your life and no matter how much you explain your next move to someone they are going to give you an opinion that comes from their state of being.  It’s based off of their fears and what they would do.

If you’re looking for advice thats fine,  they may even give you an idea.  But you don’t need their approval for your next move in life.  You are smart enough to make your own decisions!

You are smart and creative and you control where your life goes next.  You’ve got this!


You are beautiful inside and out and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise.

Body shaming starts from the time that we are kids.  You’re to fat,  to skinny,  flat chested,  to dark,  to short,  to tall.   We are never good enough.  Society says that there is only one standard of beauty and she is the girl in the magazine who has been Photoshoped and retouched to impossible perfection.

Sister you are beautiful and you need to remind yourself of this as often as possible.  Take time to look at yourself in the mirror and admire your features everyday.  But,  don’t stop there I want you to tell yourself what makes you beautiful on the inside.  What do you love about your soul?  Is it your personality,  your free spirit, or maybe it’s that you’re a great nurturer.

No,  it’s not vanity.  It’s a necessary part of loving yourself.


There is no one like you,  you are unique.

There is no one in this world who can offer what you offer to your family,  your career, or this world.  You are unique and that makes you special.

A lot of the time we feel like we have to fit into this mold of what a mother is suppose to be, or what a wife is suppose to be,  or what a daughter is suppose to be,  etc. etc. etc.  We feed into what society tells us about what and where we’re suppose to be in life and that’s just not factual.

My life is not your life and vice versa.  We all grow and learn in our own time and we all decide what is our normal.  Only you can decide this.

Your uniqueness is a gift.  You are the prototype and the navigator of your unique life.  There is no cookie cutter life that everyone has to follow and execute.  Remember this and make decisions based on your happiness not what others think will make you happy.

Well there you have it.  The 5 things that I tell myself everyday before I go out to face the world.

I hope these Affirmations are helpful and motivate you to create your own morning love routine with your mirror.  Make it a part of your routine on your journey to self-love and acceptance.









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