Originality: Originality, the road less traveled. Be the REAL YOU!

Originality: Originality, the road less traveled. Be the REAL YOU!

Originality:  Originality, the road less traveled. Be the REAL YOU!

Originality, unfortunately, is a trait that eludes many of us.  It can be hard for us to be different from the masses.  From early childhood we are taught to think and act the way that the Majority rules as normal.

For many of us this type of thinking can hinder what our true personality is because we want to fit in and be like everyone else.  Becoming comfortable in your own skin is a journey and we all reach self-acceptance at different speeds.

Here are a few steps to practice while working on Originality and Allowing yourself to be the Real You.


Allow yourself the freedom to explore new things, people and places.  We get stuck in what is comfortable to us.  If we like certain types of foods and going to places with the same people then that’s what we stick to.  Do something different from the norm.  Try experiencing different cultures.  Eat different types of foods.   Converse with a stranger.  Do things that are totally different from what you’re use to.

While you are exploring all these different experiences you will find yourself falling in love with and discovering new things.  You may not like all the things you experience but,  you will realize that you have missed out on lots of things that you thought you would not like.  It will open your mind up to new ideas.


Use your new experiences to develop your own ideas.  The more you know the more you grow!  The more unique experiences you have the more you will get to know your likes and dislikes.

When we follow the masses we tend to make and form ideas, and follow along and agree with things because of a lack of knowledge.  How many times have you stayed away from something or some place because everyone said it’s not good, only to experience it later and find that it’s good to you.

Try to never again jump to judgement about things without experiencing it for yourself.  This will give you the opportunity to learn and get to know yourself and not what someone else has told you, you should be.  You will find that outside influences will begin to take a backseat to what you’re attracted to and prefer.

Think for yourself

Now that you are developing your own ideas you will begin thinking for yourself.  Instead of taking others opinions and making them your own, you will now develop your own opinions.  You will listen to their ideas, but seek knowledge about the subject and formulate your own.

You will no longer follow the crowd and will be who you have truly discovered you are.  It no longer feels right to you when you’re not being true to yourself.  Your self-esteem and creativity will begin to blossom.

Allow yourself to be you

What you like is now what you like.  This doesn’t mean that everyone else will like it too.  You’ll be met with resistance!  People will be negative, they will try to persuade you to do other things and it will make you feel insecure about your decisions.  In these moments you must remember that it’s about you and not about anyone else.  You must allow yourself to be you.

A great example of this is when I went shopping for my wedding rings.  I didn’t want the traditional diamond so I went looking for a colored stone.  Aquamarine!   While looking for the perfect stone I came across a beautiful Pearl ring.   I absolutely fell in love with it.  When I shared what I had decided on with friends and family I was told not to do it.  I was even told that I would be laughed at for it.  I did not understand the reactions, but I was not surprised.  This was not the traditional diamond ring that every girl wants and it was far from the norm.  A younger me would have changed my mind quickly, but the older confident me did not allow others preferences’ to sway me because it was what I loved.  To this day, I still love this ring and would choose the same ring if I had to do it over again.  It doesn’t mean that one choice was better than the other, it means that I did what makes me Happy!

So, do yourself a favor and FREE YOUR SPIRIT, FREE YOUR MIND, FREE YOUR SOUL……… and allow yourself to be THE REAL YOU so that your ORIGINALITY can shine through.





photo credit: efradera Hairstyle portrait via photopin (license)

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