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Northern Winters Southerner’s blues.

Northern Winters! Southerner’s blues….

I woke up this morning to a very cold chill.  I went to bed last night with no heater because the inside of the house was cool and comfortable, but I woke up to this cold draft that sent a chill through my bones.


I’m shocked because only last week the temperatures soared into the 70’s.  This was familiar to me because back home during winter months we’ll have a cold day and the next day it’s HOT!  Because of  the few warm days here  I was thinking, “yes, spring is coming.”


I woke up this morning opened the blinds and said “Son of Gun” it’s snowing, I hate Northern Winters.”

"Son of a Gun" its snowing again. I thought winter was almost over.

Posted by Toni Jones on Friday, March 10, 2017

The disappointment I felt made me a little sad.  Now,  I’m sure that you’re thinking,  “Come on it’s not that bad.”  Well, for me it is.

Yes,  you heard right, I don’t like it.  And, before all northerners start to bombard me with stares and snares.  Let me explain.

I hate the long winters of the Northern territory because I am a southern girl  born and raised and I lived most of my life in the south.  I am a native Louisianian and if you have ever been there you know that we have little to no winters.   They’re having 90 degree weather as I speak and it started in February!

Needless to say,  my blood is what most would call thin.  But,  I would like to say that I am so grateful for my experience here because I had never seen what 4 seasons actually looks like.   In Louisiana there are two seasons  HOT and COOL,  so I had never seen beautiful fall colors before or an abundance of snow.  Oh, and I have never had a summer that was cool enough to be outside without sweating.

So,  I am so grateful for the chance at seeing how beautiful all 4  seasons are.

About the fall.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures.

I took this picture in a moving car.  I couldn’t help myself the colors were so beautiful.  I warmed up the colors in Photoshop and this was the result.

This picture will be made into a canvas and put on the wall in one of the rooms in our home so that we can remember what a true fall looks like.

I was obsessed with the fall colors.  I took so many pictures and was amazed every time I saw a new color.


About the snow [mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#b5b5b5″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]”It seems like the more you shovel the more snow appears.”[/mks_pullquote]

When I saw all the snow last year I was so excited.  I went out and played in the snow like a kid.  I had never seen that much snow before, not ever.    I was so happy because it is absolutely beautiful.  But,  then it happened.  We had to stop being kids and assume our adult rolls again.

Guess what?


It never dawned on me when we were having fun that we needed to dig ourselves out and shoveling snow is the worst.  I swear it seems like the more you shovel the more snow appears.   I thought to myself …..”this is some BS.”

But again,  I think God for the experience.

Now I’m sure by now your probably thinking, why wouldn’t I like it here,  it sounds beautiful.  The truth is, it is beautiful and I am enjoying exploring and seeing all the sites…….But, I love nature and nature in the cold and nature in warm weather are two totally different beast.

Right now, I feel a little depressed about being cooped up in the house.  During winter it always feels a little less bright and a little less happy outside and Northern winters are long.

About the summer

This tidbit of information should drive it home for you.

When it’s warm,  I love adventures and nature and being outside. I love feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin and hearing the birds chirp.  I love the sound of crickets chirping and frogs croaking after it rains.  I love the sound of kids playing and people having cook outs.  I love being outside!

You get the picture.

I love Warm Weather!  I feel happy and Alive in a warm climate,  which is why these long cold winters “gotta go.”

So,  I  don’t say things like this to my neighbors or my husband because I don’t want to sound ungrateful,  but this is why you’re here.   Right?  To find out “What Toni’s Thinking.”

Check back in from time to time to find out what I’m thinking,  but probably shouldn’t be say. (maybe)


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3 thoughts on “Northern Winters Southerner’s blues.

  1. Great thougts Toni. Yes we love hearing what Toni thinks. We must agree with it too. Winters start out fun and we appreciate the 4 seasons but…. 5 months of cold and snow get to be a bit much. When we were in Florida in latter December it was so nice experiencing 70’s weather. It’s been so chilly here that we don’t want to venture out. Cheer up though…. another month or so we’ll see warm weather, lol.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I try not to complain, but I’m longing for warm weather. I think I have cabin fever, lol. When warm weather comes I will definitely, be out everyday no matter how warm it gets. lol.

      1. You are not alone Toni. We are getting that “cabin fever” feeling also. This is when winter realllllly drags. The trees around have buds and don’t if they should leaf or leave, lol. Now with the changing of the clocks we are back to waking in dark again, yuck. The bright side is spring is around the corner.

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