New Year Resolutions: How to stick to your New Year's Resolutions and Step into the New Year a New You.

New Year Resolutions: How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions and Step into the New Year a New You.

New Year Resolutions: How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions and Step into the New Year a New You.

New year Resolutions.  Every year right before the new year arrives many of us make new year’s resolutions.   We’re determined to change things in our lives that we have said we would and never got around to.

I hate to admit it,  but I rarely stick to my new resolutions.  I start really motivated and ready to make a change for the better,  but life seems to get in the way of new changes.  Then,  old habits kick back in and convenience keeps good intentions away.

But,  this year I’m sure you want to stick to your resolutions,  so do I.  So,  I sat back and thought hard about what needs to change this year so that I can stick to my plans for a change.

Why they don’t work

Once I sat down and really thought about it the main reason that I lose sight of my resolutions is because I have never changed my mindset.  When I added my new resolutions to the many things that I had to do,  I failed to make them a priority.  So,  when things happened that threw me off schedule,  it was to easy to put those resolutions on the back burner.

Sound familiar?

When you don’t prioritize and put yourself first you will fail yourself every time.  Before now,  I didn’t do that when it came to my new years resolutions.  They were just another task that I had to complete in a day filled with other task.  But,  this year a shift in the way I think about them will make them a priority.  They’re no longer just another errand,  they are a part of a daily routine and lifestyle change.  This year I’m putting myself first.

How to make it stick

Make it a habit

In order to make your new years resolutions stick.  They have to become a part of your daily routine.  Like bathing and brushing your teeth.  You do them everyday because it’s necessary to your health.  And because you do them everyday they’re done without even thinking about it.  They are a habit.  It takes 28 days to form a habit.  So,   plan to make your new resolutions a habit by achieving them 28 days straight.

Completing a shorter goal will help you to carry out the bigger goal.

Plan to succeed

Plan to succeed! Another reason most of us fail to stick to our New Year’s resolutions is because we fail to plan.  Because life is unpredictable things happen that we don’t foresee.  Without planning ahead it can really mess up good intentions.  So,  this year have an alternate plan.

For instance,  if your plan is to eat healthier always have a snack or two with you if you have to wait until you get home to eat. This will help when you don’t have access to a healthier foods.  A second example would be,  planning to go to the gym everyday.  In this case make sure you have access to workout videos at home,  if you can’t make it to the gym one day.

Plan ahead and make an alternative plan to prevent falling off.


This year get yourself an accountability partner.  Some one who will keep you on track and keep you motivated.  We do better when we know someone is watching.  Having someone to talk to on your journey will help you to stay positive and motivated.

By making your resolution a habit,  planning,  and being accountable you are bound to succeed.  And remember it you fall off there’s no reason that you can’t get right back on again.



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