Natural Hair: My Natural Hair Routine for my Type 4 Hair


Natural Hair: My Natural Hair Routine for my Type 4 Hair

My Natural Hair Routine

I posted a picture on Instagram/Facebook and I got a lot of followers asking about my natural hair routine.  I also got questions about my hair color and about my hair type. So I decided to write a post on my hair regime.  But, first let me give you a little hair history.

Through the years.

As a Kid

As a kid my hair was natural and worn in braids (plaits) daily.  When my mom wanted to Straighten my hair we’d spend time at the stove with the hot comb and Softee hair grease. [the green kind].  [I hated that darn hot comb].  She’d straighten my hair and set it with paper bags.  She made beautiful little barrel curls that lasted for days.

High School

I was natural for years, not because I wanted to, but because my mother would not allow me to get a relaxer.  She did not believe in putting such harsh chemicals in a child’s hair and I thank her for that today.

I believe that because I didn’t have a relaxer at a young age my hair and scalp remained healthy as I matured and was able to thrive later as a young adult.  I did not get my first chemical process until I was in high school around 15 or 16 years of age.  I didn’t get a full-blown relaxer until I was a senior in high school.

College Years

After that,(my college years) I began to apply my own relaxers which was ok, but I should have seen a professional for the process.

I think that, due to genes (thanks mom) my hair was able to withstand the abuse I was putting it through.  I was relaxing and coloring regularly and applying heat to my hair daily,  I was deep conditioning regularly also.  I’m sure conditioning played a large role in the health of my hair.

I mention genes here because they play a large part in our hair.  Never believe a product that says it will make your fine hair thick or change your curl pattern or texture.  That product does not exist.

After College

After college and once I was on my own with a job,  I began to see a professional for my hair needs.  I was going once a week, yes I said once a week, because I enjoyed having my hair washed by someone else.

It was like going to the spa.  I justified the price by telling myself that it was my reward, my splurge on myself for all the hard work I put in.  It was like having a drink after a long work week.

At this time in my life my hair thrived better than it ever did.   It grew like grass and I would cut it and try out various styles regularly.  At one point,  I let it grow all the way down my back. It was very healthy and I loved the flexibility of having a relaxer.

5 years ago

Jump forward to about 5 years ago when I decided to go natural.  I didn’t make this decision because I wanted healthier hair like a lot of women do, my hair was healthy and thriving with the relaxer.  I did it because of vanity. Yes, vanity.  You see,  as I got older grey hairs came in.

I began to color my hair more regularly to hide the few grey hairs that appeared suddenly.  Well guess what,  with aging my hair did not like the color and the relaxer together.  So one of the two had to go.

Vanity would not let me give up color.  I loved it way too much and I needed to hide those few grey strains that crept into my life right around age 40.  So now that you know how I decided to go natural,  let’s talk about my regime.

My Hair regime

Like most naturals, before finding what works for me,  I tried almost every product on the market.  I watched hair videos trying to find someone with my hair type (type 4) and mimic what they were doing.  Sometimes it worked, but most times it didn’t.

After about 2 yrs of trying,  I finally began to get good at it.  My hair look great, but I still felt like the process was just to long to get the look I wanted.  So, I  continued to research and this is what I came up with.

PH, Porosity, and Moisture retention is key.   Also that all products are not created equal.  I looked for products that were PH balanced and tried those until I figure out that water was the only thing that I need.

I stumbled upon a video about “water only washing”.  I watched these videos and what she was saying made since.  I mean what did I have to lose right?

I tried this method for 1 month and my hair loves it!  My curls are more defined and hold moisture for a longer period.  I tweaked the “Water only Method” to my hair needs and came up with my routine.

  Here is My Natural Hair Routine:

1.  Rinse my hair/scalp with water every 2 to 3 days.

2.  Wash my hair with Apple cider vinegar every two weeks

3.  Clarify with Bentonite Clay once a month. (conditions hair also)

4. After performing steps 1, 2, or 3 …I apply Shea butter to seal in the Moisture and style my hair for the following day.

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My hair has never looked better.  It is shiny, soft, manageable and easy to take care of.  And my styles last.  I don’t have to reset the style at night because the curls hold well.  Low maintenance is the main reason I love this routine.

“Does this routine make your hair dirty, does it smell?”  The answer is no!  I’m rinsing/washing my hair 2 to 3 times a week. (sometimes more if I sweat)  so there is never enough time for dirt to stick.

And because I’m not using commercial products, there is nothing on my hair that will attract dirt.  There is no build up on my hair from products, which is another reason my hair is so soft and bouncy.

And yes,  My hair is Type 4 and this process seems to work for us well!  I do use products every now and again if I feel the need for more hold or if a certain style calls for it, but not very often.  My hair routine is exactly what natural hair should be and that’s Care free!

Let me know in comments  if you would like a post on exactly what I did while going through the process of the “water only method.”  What’s your hair routine?  What’s your favorite products and methods?  Share it in the comments someone may find it helpful.












2 thoughts on “Natural Hair: My Natural Hair Routine for my Type 4 Hair

  1. Love your hair! I am natural but, I straighten my hair. Was doing the regimen you are doing but, I have no time for the step by step regimen.


    1. Hi Monetta,
      If you don’t have time for rinsing every few days. Try the Bentonite clay for deep conditioning. You’ll be surprised at how it will make a difference in your hair.

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