Music Therapy (Song of the Day) 2nd

Welcome to Music Therapy:

Song of the Day!

Music Therapy can be an open window to happiness.

It evokes feelings, emotions, and memories that can change your mood instantly.

Music can be Nostalgic, taking us back to fond memories and happy places.  It can be Motivational,  giving us the push we need to make it through situations that seem insurmountable.  It can also be Inspirational, giving us hope for things that may seem unachievable.

We can use music to lift us up, take us back and inspire our lives.  Music soothes the mind, and heals the soul.  It sets the mood to the soundtrack of our lives.

Music is an important ingredient to Making life Sweet! 

At the end of your day,  pour yourself a glass of wine and come to this spot and press play.  Wind-down with us to the soothing sounds of the Music Therapy: Song of the Day.  All you have to do is press Play and Enjoy.

Check out what we’re listening to on our playlist: [ Moody Mondays…..],  [Tune-out Tuesdays……], [Wind-down Wednesdays……],  [Turn-around Thursdays….],  [Feel-Good Fridays…….]