Motivational Affirmations for a Daily Dose of Motivation

Motivational Affirmations for a Daily Dose of Motivation

Motivational Affirmations for a Daily Dose of Motivation

Sometimes life can bring us to a place of self-doubt and insecurities.  When things don’t go as planned,  losing confidence in our ability to make things happen and get results follow.

But,  there are things that we can do to remind ourselves that sometimes life happens.  And,  that it has no barring on the great things that we’re capable of.

Affirmations  are one thing that we can do to motivate and inspire our selves.  By repeating positive affirmations to yourself daily you can actually change your neural pathway from a negative pathway to a positive one.   Affirmations are designed to change the way we think and keep us on a positive path.

Try repeating affirmations daily and make them a part of your morning routine and self-care regime.

Here are five affirmations for Daily Motivation


  • I am in charge of my life and I am doing well

  • I am in line with my purpose and life is good

  • I love the life I have now and I continue to grow

  • I love unconditionally and deserve it in return

  • I trust my choices and I am confident in my decisions


Manifest Positivity

After saying these motivational affirmations try to be mindful of them through out your day.  Let them influence your decisions and give you the confidence that you need to trust your insight.  These Affirmations will help you build the life you want with confidence.

Use these five affirmations and add to the list or build your own list.  Remember,  consistency is the key to success with affirmations.  So,  stay on track and use them every day to manifest the life you deserve.

Affirmations = Think it, Build it, Live it!

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