Video: Mardi Gras, Louisiana Culture, and Missing Home

Video: Mardi Gras, Louisiana Culture, and Missing Home

Video:  Mardi Gras Louisiana Culture and Missing Home

This Mardi Gras and many Mardi Gras past have been a distant celebration for me.  I have been gone from Louisiana for a few years now, and I miss it more today than I ever have.

The culture in Louisiana is rich with traditions passed down for centuries from one generation to the next.  The authenticity of recipes, music, festivals, and celebrations have not changed in all this time.  You can even go to smaller towns on the out skirts of New Orleans were many still speak French and Creole. (Like my little town)

For a long time our little neck of the woods was unknown to many.  Mardi Gras was not celebrated in other parts of the country or the world, but today it has spread like wildflowers.  I have seen many people posting their own version of what they perceive Mardi Gras to be and it’s wonderful to see others celebrating our culture.

Missing Home

I have traveled many places with my Husband,  who is Active military, and I have found that there is no place like home.  As a young teenager, eager to see the world,  I could not wait to get away from Louisiana and see other places.  I was so ready to get away from “Bayou Country” and spread my wings.

In my travels I have been to many places and seen many other cultures and I am so grateful for the experience, but there is no place like home!  The food, the people, the music, and the traditions, are so far from what’s going on in other places in the United States that it’s like being in a foreign country in comparison.

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#b2b2b2″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]”I had to leave home to realize that I come from one of the most amazing places on earth!”[/mks_pullquote]”I had to leave home to realize that I come from one of the most amazing places on earth!”  So, I’m sharing this video so that you can have a little taste of what really goes on at Mardi Gras time!  I Hope you enjoy it.

“Laissez le bon temps rouler”






Photo and video credit: Nathaniel Mitchell Sr.









2 thoughts on “Video: Mardi Gras, Louisiana Culture, and Missing Home

  1. I know exactly what you mean about the rich culture we have in our state. See other places trying to imitate our culture, gives me a sense of pride and class to say Yessss……I am from South Louisiana and we celebrate with dignity. But, most of all missing home. There is no place like home. I live in Texas and it’s not far from home but, it’s not home.
    Thanks for the wonderful blog in representing our cultural heritage………Louisiana and Mardi Gras!

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