Signs of Love: How to tell if your Guy's in Love with You.

Signs of Love: How to tell if your Guy’s in Love with You.

Signs of Love: How to tell if your Guy’s in Love with You.

Love and Relationships.  Wouldn’t it be grand if we had all the right answers?  If there were rules to this whole love thing maybe we’d all be better at it.  Right?

Well,  maybe not.  You see,  love presents different experiences from one relationship to the next.  So,  there is just no way of making rules because each relationship is unique.  The kind of love you experienced in your last relationship may look and feel different with the next.

But,  something that does remain the same from one relationship to the next are the signs of love.

The behaviors of most people who are in love are very similar.  Wouldn’t you love to know how to tell if someone is in love with you.  Well,  we’re going to list a few common behaviors that men show when they’re in love.

Let’s be honest,  sometimes men are really hard to figure out.  They aren’t the most emotional beings are they?  Men communicate differently than women do and most have a hard time expressing themselves when it comes to love.

So,  If you would like to find out what some of those behaviors are keep reading.

4 Signs that your guy’s in love with you…

He does everything to assure your happiness

A man who is in love with you will do everything in his power to make sure that you’re happy.  He’ll also do what ever it takes to keep you that way.  No matter what it takes,  his goal is to see you smile.

Men who are in love feel like it is their duty to protect your heart.  He hates to see you unhappy and feels like he has to fix it.  He’ll make small sacrifices when it comes to you.  Little things like missing Friday night football with the guys because you want to see a play is a small sacrifice to a man.   But,  he’ll go out of his way for you even when he doesn’t want to.

A man who is in love with you loves being the reason that you’re happy.

He wants to be with you no matter what

Men who are in love with you will be with you no matter what.  Ever wondered how people survive long distance relationships?  Well,  those people are truly in love.  A man who is in love with you will seek you out.  He won’t allow anything or anyone to come in between that love.

My husband drove 3 hours every weekend to be with me.  It didn’t matter whether he was tired or had a big week ahead of him,  he was there every week.  The small sacrifice was that he always came to me.  Even when I insisted on driving sometimes,  he paid the cost for it.  He wanted to see me as often as possible so he made it happen.  No matter what kind of time restraints he had.

Men who are in love with you will not let anything get in the way of being with you .

He wants titles

I hear people talking about titles all the time.  Should you have them or shouldn’t you?  I don’t understand why this is even a discussion.  If you are dating someone and you want to take it further there should definitely be defined titles.

A man who is in love with you makes a claim to you and wants everyone to know it.  He wants the world to know that the two of you are together.  This includes family,  friends,  and coworkers,  but most of all other men.

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A man in love does not want to lose you to another man,  so he will make sure of that by calling you his and committing to you.  Men are very territorial,  make no mistake about it.  I know this sounds primitive,  but it is,  has been,  and will always be the way a man behaves with a women he is in love with.

His future includes you

When a man is in love with you,  his language changes.  He begins to talk about the future in terms of “we” instead of “I”.  He includes you in his plans for the future because he sees you with him in the long term.

Notice the way he speaks when he talks about plans in the near or distant future.  When he’s making plans for the holidays and special events that include friends and family or coworkers are you apart of that?  When he talks about building a life and his plans for the future do they include you?

His language is a good way to gage when and if he’s ready to pop the question also.  So pay attention to where, when,  and how he uses the term “we” when making plans for the future.

We all grow in Love at different rates.  But some behaviors,  no matter how fast or slow we get there,  are very similar.  A Man in love wants what’s best for you and will make sure he does everything he can to protect,  support,  and take care of you.

Never mistake lust for love it’s not the same thing.

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]”A man can tell you that he loves you,  but his actions are what shows whether he really does.”[/mks_dropcap]


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