Love is Blind.....Well, it should Be

Love is Blind…..Well, it should Be

Love is Blind…..Well, it should Be

Hello everyone,  I”m back with another episode of …..dum dum dum…. “What’s Toni’s Thinking.”   Today’s random thought comes from a segment that I saw on Good Day Philadelphia.

They were talking about a post on social media that became viral when a man asked Facebook for advice on how to tell his girlfriend that he didn’t like her weight.  He said that everything else about her was perfect.   Now,  after a year and a half of dating,  he’s decided that he can’t get past her weight and he wants to tell her.  But,  he doesn’t know how.

When will we learn to value relationships that are based on a deeper level?

You’ve met the perfect person

Let’s look at this again.  This is a man who has found what he calls the perfect woman.  He’s saying that they are perfect together.  But,  that he can not get past her physical appearance.

Wait,  I’m not done.  She was the same weight that she is now when they met almost 2 years ago.  He acknowledged that he had a problem with her weight then, but admits that everything else was so awesome that he couldn’t let go.  Therefore,  he continued to date her and make her his girlfriend.

I think initially,  most people are attracted to physical appearance.  But,  this isn’t what keeps us in relationships.  In order for relationships to grow and become successful people have to connect on a higher level.  We fall in love because of characteristics and fall in lust because of physical appearances.   There is a big difference between love and lust.  True Love is everlasting,  lust fades over time.

Now this man did not say that he wanted her to lose weight because he wanted her to be healthier.  No.  He wanted her to physically be what he thought would be more pleasing to him.  What stands out most to me is not only how shallow this is, but how selfishly he acted.

He was selfish

This man kept this women in a relationship for almost two years because he thought he could get over how she looked.   Why would you date her in the first place?  Move on so that she can be loved by someone who will love her for who she is.  He’s wasted her time.  Not only that,  she doesn’t know him.  He’s been pretending for almost 2 years.

This same man will have problems with a slimmer woman.   After she gets older and gets wrinkles is he going to ask her to get Botox?

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]If you ever meet this guy or girl,  Run![/mks_dropcap]



Love is Blind

None of us stay the same physically or mentally and emotionally.  We all change as we go through life.

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Do yourself a favor and find someone who you can grow old with.  Someone whom you have enough in common with so that when those physical changes happen you won’t see them.  When you’re in love with the right person,  those physical changes don’t matter because you are truly in love.  Ya know the saying about love being blind?  This is what they’re talking about.

So being shallow will never get you everlasting love. Neither will being selfish.

Think about it and until then be blessed and do everything in your power to make life sweet!








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