Get Back on Track: 4 Step Guide to use When you're in a Rut and need a Little Help getting Back on Track!

Get Back on Track: 4 Step Guide to use When you’re in a Rut and need a Little Help getting Back on Track!

Get Back on Track: 4 Step Guide to use When you’re in a rut and need a Little Help getting Back on Track!

Google’s definition of in a rut is:  a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change.

Being stuck in what feels to you like a stagnant life is no fun place to be.  The feeling of being trapped with no alternatives comes with feelings of hopelessness.

This can happen to anyone and at any stage in our lives.  Even someone who has built a prosperous life can feel this way.  Being stuck in a rut can mean in business, relationships, career, or any area in life that we feel we are lacking.  So now that we understand what it is,  how do we change it.

The only way to change things is to change behaviors.  There is something that you are doing or not doing that is keeping you from excelling.   Once we acquire a certain amount of success sometimes we become complacent.  Complacency leaves the door open for laziness and contentment.  I know this is very blunt,  but I need you to think.

Not being able to break habits or patterns that are causing a lack of productivity and personal growth is an unconscious form of self sabotage.  Yes,  sometimes we are our own Saboteur.

So,  let’s see what we can do to help ourselves out of this rut.

4 Steps

#1 Find the pattern

Step one is to find the pattern.  What behaviors have you fallen into that is stumping your growth?

For instance,  when you started your business you were you up early every day,  organized,  and learning something new about marketing everyday?  But,  now you’ve fallen off and don’t do as much marketing because you saw a little success and stopped doing the extra work.

How about relationships?  You’ve been with your significant other for years.  In the beginning you hung out together and explored new things,  but now it seems like the relationship has fizzled.  Now all you do is watch TV and talk about bills.

In both examples the result is unhappiness.

Do you see the pattern in these examples?  Both of these examples showed boredom and a sense of wanting more.  But,  they also show a lack of effort.

“Once you identify unfavorable patterns or behaviors write them down along with what needs to change and actively work on changing them one by one.”


#2  Map out Steps

Now that you’ve identified the pattern it’s time to map out the steps to make a change.  Figure out how the pattern that you’re in now has negatively affected you and decide what change will make it better.

For instance,  if you were marketing your business once a quarter with no results,  try marketing more often with different methods.  A second example is,  if you want more adventure in your relationship actively schedule dates,  with solutions to make it happen.

Here’s an example of Steps for weight loss:

A.  Eat healthier

  1. find recipes
  2. go grocery shopping
  3. only eat out once a week

B.  Exercise daily

  1. cardio     5 days a week
  2. weights  3 days a week

C.  Drink water

  1. 10 glasses a day

D.  Download Calorie tracking App   

E.  Write a Journal of progress and feelings

“Make a list of at least 5 new steps to change old behaviors and begin executing them immediately.”

#3  Read for Growth

Once you’ve identified the problem,  it’s time to seek a little motivation.   Reading motivational books and affirmations  are a great way to help you out of your rut.  Sometimes we need to download positive information to rewire and over ride our brain’s way of thinking.

By engrossing yourself with motivational material everyday,  you will find that your negative thinking can be replaced with a whole new way of thinking.  Reading these materials will develop optimism and help you believe in yourself,  something that you really need now.

“Actively seek motivational reading materials to develop a more optimistic way of thinking and change your outlook.”

#4  Accountability

So,  we’ve identified the unfavorable behaviors and we are actively working to change them.  And,  we’re actively using motivational materials to change our mindset to a positive way of thinking.  The final step is accountability.

You have to have some form of accountability in place.  If you want to succeed you have to check yourself!  Listen,  nothing will change if you’re not responsible and do the work.

If you have a partner,  friend,  or someone you trust,  please share what you are doing and ask them to be your accountability partner.   If you do not have anyone like this,  then you can do this on your own.

Here’s what you can do.

Take your list,  with the steps you’ve listed for change,  and pin it up somewhere that you can see it daily.  Some where like your refrigerator or your bathroom mirror.  Now,  use the calendar in your phone to set weekly notifications that will prompt you to write your accomplishments,  mishaps, and fixes.  Do this once a week.

Do Not Ignore your notifications.  This will keep you on track and it is your “Accountability Check” for yourself.

“Set up an accountability system and stick to it”

Life has it’s up and downs,  but with a solid plan,  motivation,  and  accountability we can get back on track and make life what we want it to be.


photo credit: JerryBunkers Black woman in law library via photopin (license)

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