Golden Globe Awards: The year of the woman!

Golden Globe Awards: The year of the woman!

Golden Globe Awards: The year of the woman!

Hello Sweet lifers!  Welcome to “What’s Toni Thinking.”  I realize I’m a little early with this segment,  but I couldn’t wait to share what I’m thinking!  Did you see the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards?

Of course you did,  well maybe you did,  but it you didn’t let me give you a run down.  There were many awards given out,  and great fashion as usual,  but this year everyone who was anyone wore black!  Women wore black in solidarity to show support of one another and the #Metoo movement!


So what I’m thinking is “yes to progress and overcoming fear.”   Women in Hollywood are no longer afraid to speak out against Sexual harassment/assault.   They are using their celebrity to fight against an injustice towards Women!

Beating Down Fear

This is huge because when we see others unafraid and stepping forward we gain the courage to do so ourselves.  There is always power in numbers so Bravo to the women who are standing up and speaking their truths.



Oprah’s Speech

But,  that’s not all,  Oprah Winfrey became the first African-American woman to receive the Cecil B. de Mille award and gave a powerful speech on changing the culture of Sexual Harassment of women and injustices that go untold,  not only in Hollywood,  but all over the world.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the awards you can check out her speech below.



With so many women standing up,  talking about it and sharing their stories it gives others the courage to do the same.  The only way to create change is to talk about the problem and expose the offenders.

Speak your Truth!

I share my story here ……. Like Ms. Winfrey said it is the most powerful tool we have!




I hope you enjoyed the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards this year.  So far it’s the best I’ve seen yet.

So,  ladies and gents,  let’s not stop talking about the #Metoo movement.  Let’s keep the conversation going and use our truths and numbers to keep the conversation going and change this culture of Sexual Harassment towards women.   And remember we’re not just doing this for ourselves we’re doing this for our daughters!

Until next time,  Be blessed,  Speak your truth, and do everything in your power to Make Life Sweet!








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