What ever Happen to feel good stories?

What ever Happen to feel good stories?

What ever Happen to feel good stories?

Hello Everyone. Welcome to my little corner.  This is where I share some of the random thoughts that pop into my mind and make there way to your screen.

This week’s random thought is really short and to the point.  What ever happened to feel good stories. You know,  the stories that use to come at the end of every hour on our local news channels?  Remember those?

It’s been so long ago that most of you probably forgot that such a thing even existed.  Can anyone tell me who was the genius who decided to drop the feel good segments?

Ok,  I get it.  News is a business and bad news, sad news, shocking news or anything upsetting gets viewers.  We seem to feed into the stories that are most shocking and even disturbing.  They’re the stories that people talk about at the water cooler, hair salon, and at church.

Yep….I said church….I didn’t stutter.

It seems like the misfortune of others is the most interesting to us all.  We love it and the media knows it,  which is why they gave the feel good stories the boot.  It makes more room in the hour for more bad news stories.

Now,  for those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about let me enlighten you.  Once upon a time at the end of the news,  there was a segment that highlighted people doing good things in the community.  It may have been someone beating cancer,  people doing good in the community, or even a kid saving a bird with a broken wing.  Stories like these brought your spirits up again after watching all the turmoil and corruption that you just watched in the earlier 45 minutes.

But,  those feel good segments were taken away years ago.   Leaving us with nothing but bad, sad, and depressing news with little glimpses of good sprinkled in.

This can’t be good for our mental health.  An hour of negativity can leave us feeling hopeless when experienced for long periods of time.

So can we bring back the good old days when there was somewhat of a balance between negative and positive stories?

Can we end with a smile and a little happiness please?

Besides “do-gooders” and great things need to be in the spotlight sometimes.  Don’t you think?

I’m sure our hearts and minds would appreciate it.

Any way,  until then seek out things that bring joy to you and fill your life with positivity.  Maybe even take a  little break from social media and the news.  You owe it to yourself.

Remember to be blessed and do everything in your power to make life sweet!






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