My mind is my enemy

My mind is my enemy

My mind is my enemy

“Don’t do that it may not work”.  “What if it all goes wrong?”  “Don’t trust it,  it’s to good to be true.”  “Something has to be up with this.”  These are the thoughts that my mind creates.  Constantly at odds with my wants and deepest desires.  Consistently causing mischief and doubt,  disguised as self preservation and security.

My mind is my enemy.  It is powerful and misleading.  It is my nemesis but yet my greatest ally.

It is the strongest ally I will ever have.  Never far from me in all decisions,  goals,  and accomplishments.  My mind has made me who I am today.  The strong,  stubborn,  passionate,  and optimistic woman you see before you.  But,  we tussle from time to time because although it is all those positive things it is also my enemy.


I call my mind an enemy and an ally,  such a great contradiction!  I’m sure that you’re wondering how can this be.  You see,  my mind thinks up these brilliant reaching ideas and goals and sends me on a mission to complete them.  But,  before I set off on these immeasurable goals,  my mind sends me off with a self destructive pep talk.

These pep talks includes how great I am,  but what if.  How wonderful it will be,  but if you fail.   It creates situations that do not exist,  hypothetical madness.   My mind weaves these webs of greatness mixed in with self doubt,  paranoia,  and worries.  My mind is my nemesis,  but my greatest ally.

So you see,  this powerful and wonderful thing that is my mind flings me back and fourth like a tug of war that I am dead set on winning.  Why?  Because this strong mind of mine will not allow me to do anything else.

But,  wait,  have I confused you yet?  My mind is my enemy and yet my ally.  So how can I function with such a thing going on?

Secret Weapon

Come closer,  let me tell you a secret in which I keep.  My mind is my greatest enemy and my best ally,  but my heart is even greater.   My heart conquers all paranoia,  fears,  and doubts.   It is my secret weapon.

The weapon that is my heart allows me to lie down with paranoia,  dance with fear,  and flirt with doubt.  Then puts it all into perspective and kicks them out with it’s super power. The power of Courage!

You see,  the heart that beats within my chest fights the enemy yet loves my greatest ally.




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