Dream Big! It's Necessary! Foster your dreams into your reality.


Dream Big! It’s Necessary! Foster your dreams into your reality.

Dream Big! It’s Necessary!

Dream Big!  Do you have big plans?  A dream of becoming or doing something that no one around you has ever done before?  Well,  congratulations!  You are already winning.

Dreams are the manifestation of our deepest desires and no matter how big or small they are,  dreams are an important part of our life process.  You see,  when we dream we are contemplating possibilities of a life more grand than the one we are living in presently.  This is very healthy thinking and should never be lost.  So,  kudos to you for dreaming.

But,  now it’s time to nurture those dreams and focus on achieving them.

Find your Tribe

Encouragement from others play a large role in making dreams come true.  With a tribe of people who encourage and  motivate  you to do better you are more likely to follow your dreams and succeed.

So,  share your dreams with others, verbalize them.  Try to find people who listen,  encourage, and give positive input and make them a part of your tribe.  The right support system will fuel the fire within you to make your dreams come true.

But,  be careful about who you share your dreams with.  Unfortunately,  you will come across nay-sayers,  and discouraging people.

I call them the Dream killers.

Dream Killers

Dream killers are very recognizable.   They point out the reasons that your dreams are unreachable.  They’re likely to express how rough it will be,  how it requires talents which you do not have,  and how likely it is that you will fail.

Unfortunately,  often times Dream Killers are people whom you trust and feel most comfortable with.  A lot of the time they do not mean any harm.  It’s just that they do not have the ability to dream on your scale of dreaming.  They will never understand a vision beyond what they are capable of seeing.  So,  never share your big dreams with people who don’t have the capacity to dream as big as you do.

Like-minded Dreamers

Instead,  surround yourself with more like- minded people.  Especially those who’s dreams are grander than yours.  It’s very beneficial to be around others who are more knowledgeable and who are willing to share and encourage.  They are people who you can learn from and who will contribute to your growth.

When you have dreams that no one around you believes in or understands don’t be discouraged.   You just need to build a new space which includes people who are willing to help you build.

Just know that,  as we progress through life we may loose some people along the way.  And that’s ok.  Sometimes people and situations are only seasonal.

So remember, Dream Big and build a tribe willing to help you make those dreams come true.



photo credit: basheertome Commencement via photopin (license)

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