5 Great Date Ideas on a Budget Ideas on a Budget

Date: 5 Great Date Ideas on a Budget

5 Great Date Ideas on a Budget

Dating is an important part of keeping the spark in your relationship alive.  Getting out and having fun is an absolute must, but it can be costly.  You can still find fun and creative ways to date on a budget.  Here are 5 Date Ideas that won’t break the bank.

1.  Go Cruising

There is nothing like cruising with great music playing.  But not just any music, the best music for cruising with your sweetheart is the music that you enjoyed together in high school or in an era that you both loved. You can reminisce, sing along, ride,  and enjoy the scenery together.  The music will remind you of old stories that you can share and before you know it you have talked the night away. cost 10$ [cost of gas]

2.  Go to a Sports Bar and Watch a Game Together

Pick a great spot like Buffalo Wild WingsWingStop, or your favorite sports bar and order a pitcher of beer and an order of wings to share. Hang out and watch a game together.  It’s fun hanging out with other sports fans because the atmosphere is like being at the game yourself.  There’s cheering, excitement, everyone is rooting for their team, and it’s just all around fun.  You can get beer and wings for two at most sports bars for under 30$.

3.  Go on a Picnic

A Picnic is a great date on a budget.  Pack some food, a blanket, great music and make it a day or evening.  It’s all about scenery.  Pick a spot like the beach, or the Lake, or maybe a park and make it what you want it to be.  If you want it to be fun pack some playing cards, if you want it to be romantic pack wine and candles.  You control the mood of the date.  Cost under 30$  [cost of food]

4.  Be a Tourist in Your City

I think all of us are guilty of neglecting the fun our own city has to offer.  Most of us do not take advantage of the free museums, historic landmarks, and nature parks in our states.  Go out to a museum together, go hiking, or explore a historic landmark. They usually cost nothing or cost very little to enter. My husband and I love to visit different Plantation Homes, Forts, and Museums in the different cities we’ve lived in.  Cost under 20$

5.  Go to an Arcade

Be kids together.  Who doesn’t love the Arcade?  Go to an Arcade and challenge each other to Air Hockey or Basketball. Play Pool together.  You’ll be surprised at how much fun you have forgotten you can have playing games.  Grab a 10$ bill, make change, and play until your heart’s content. Then grab a burger afterwards.  This is a great inexpensive date you will love.  Cost under 40$

What type of inexpensive Date Ideas do you and your mate enjoy?

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16 thoughts on “Date: 5 Great Date Ideas on a Budget

  1. I think of my favourite dates to do with my husband is cruise in his Camaro during the summer months. We take the long roads and end up getting soft serve ice cream then driving back up the country roads.

    I do like your “be a kid again” and go to the arcade. I think my hubs would be up for that. Excellent suggestions.

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