Confident? How to Be Confident and Love Yourself.

Confident? How to Be Confident and Love Yourself.

How to Be more Confident and Love Yourself.

Confidence & Fear


Everyone gravitates towards confident people.  When we feel like we are at our best others feel it also.  Confidence is visible,  it’s audible,  and it’s a feeling transferred to others like magic in a fairytale.  But guess what?  It’s real.

People trust those who are confident and are more attracted to those who show confidence.  Confidence is very important and without it life is uncertain and at times scary.


Without confidence,  doubt takes over and we begin to feel ill-at-ease in our own skin.  We begin to second guess ourselves and feel awkward.  But,  the biggest problem we all face when we have a lack of confidence is fear.

It’s that 4-letter word that we all want to avoid.

Being fearful is stifling.  It stunts our decision-making, it keeps us from trying new things, and it inspires negative thinking.  Fear keeps us from reaching our full potential and finding our purpose.  It is a major obstacle on our pathway to a happy life.

OK, “What do I do If I’m struggling with confidence?”

If you’re struggling with building confidence,  the best way to figure out how to build more confidence is to study people who are already confident.  Take note of the things that confident people focus on.   But,  even more important,  pay attention to what they Do Not focus on.

Things Confident People Do Not Focus On:

Confident people DO NOT……

  1. see failure as not succeeding, they see it as lessons on the path to success.
  2. care about what others think.
  3. need material things to make them happy.
  4. have a problem saying “No.”
  5. ever see the glass as half empty.
  6. compare their lives to others.
  7. second guess their decisions and they accept all outcomes.
  8. forget to show gratitude.

People who are Confident have an easier path because they are certain in their steps.  They’re not worried about what others are doing and thinking because they understand that they are unique.  Confident people understand that being original is better than an imitation on any day.

They never focus on material things because those things don’t define who they are.  They don’t compare their lives to others because they recognize their accomplishments and are appreciative of where they are now.

Confident people live for today and are grateful to see tomorrow because they believe that tomorrow is another day to get it right!  Remember,  they are positive thinkers.  Their glass is always half full.

“Confident people are confident because they recognize the value in being themselves!”

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#9e9e9e” txt_color=”#ffffff”] “An Imitation is never worth more that an Original.  Be you!” [/mks_pullquote]Positive thinking, appreciation, and understanding the value of being original will help in building your self-confidence and loving yourself.

And remember,  an Imitation is never worth more than an Original.  Be you!


Check out this loveable quote about self-confidence.





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4 thoughts on “Confident? How to Be Confident and Love Yourself.

  1. Thanks Toni, like your list of 8 things confident people don’t focus on. Especially point 2 can only imagine that, that is the biggest factor in becoming confident and successful. Just ignoring those people who keep trying to put you down or tell you why you will fail.

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