Confessions of an Aries

Aries Confessions

Confessions of an Aries is a taste of my deepest thoughts and feelings . This is where my human side kicks in and I display fears, flaws, and vulnerability.  You get to see raw feelings in color without any filters.  Feelings that can’t be altered or tampered with.

I am just like everyone else in the world with feelings that sometimes aren’t spoken,  but need to be said.  A vulnerable side that’s usually kept away to myself hidden for no one to see or use against me.

This is the part of Toni’s Corner were you can get to know the person behind the writings.  All writers write for a reason and the answer to why is way back in the corners of their mind.

Come an take a look into to the corners of my mind that contain feelings that usually go unspoken.  See just how much alike all of us are on the inside.