Camera Time: Exploring in Manhattan New York

Camera Time: Exploring in Manhattan New York

Camera Time: Exploring in Manhattan New York

My family and I, along with my camera,  went on an adventure to Manhattan, NY recently and I wanted to share a few pictures with you.  Of course I brought my camera with me and took a few pictures of things I found interesting along the way.

I am still learning with my camera so I didn’t capture as many great pictures as I thought, but  I did get a few that I liked.  I am also still trying to remember to freeze moments in time as I see them.  I am so big on being in the moment that sometimes I forget to aim and shoot.  I’m really trying to do better.

I found myself drawn to landscape and architecture so that’s what I shot.  Here’s a few  pics

The lighting changed throughout the day and I struggle with getting my settings right.  I’m trying very hard to stay in manual mode and learn my camera.  I get fewer shots that I love this way, but the benefits of trial by error are priceless.  Here are more pics with different lighting taken further along in the day.


And Finally,  on our ride home aboard the Staten Island Ferry,  I capture these beautiful pictures.   The sunset was a magical backdrop for The Statue of Liberty.  Again,  I struggled to find the right setting for the lighting, but I didn’t give up!

I also had the added challenge of movement.  The ferry moves pretty fast!  I must have taken at least 25 shots, these are the pictures that made the cut.   I also got a couple last-minute shots of the sky line.

I was able to take many pictures while we explored Manhattan, but I will definitely be back.  One day is just not enough time to explore and do all the things that the entire family wanted to do.

So, until next time New York …..see you again soon!

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