Why Have we Decided that Breastfeeding in Public is Taboo?

Why Have we Decided that Breastfeeding in Public is Taboo?

Why have we decided that Breastfeeding in public is Taboo?

It’s me again,  back with another random thought.  My thought for today is “Why did we decided that breastfeeding in public is Taboo?”

So,  I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and I came across this video by MazeLee.  Mazelee is a husband and wife duo of popular youtubers who make amazing transparent videos.  They have over 200, 000 followers and with good reason.  They’re videos are real and very entertaining and mostly about family.

The Video

Now that you know a little about Mazelee,  let me tell you about the Facebook video.  The mother was breastfeeding her infant while he was innocently and lovingly feeding his mother fruit.  After I watched the video,  I thought wow this is the most wonderful, natural, and loving moment between a mother and her baby.  This is the perfect example of motherhood.

Here’s the video so you can see for yourself.


The Reaction

When I finished watching the video I decided to read a few comments.  I was sure that the comment feed would be filled with support and admiration for this mommy and that it would show positivity towards breastfeeding.

Instead,  it was comment after comment of “finger shaking” and “pearl clutching.”  Almost every comment spoke about the fact that she had the audacity to show this on camera.  At first,  I was like, wait this can’t be real.  Let me read a few more comments this can’t be how the majority feels.  But,  to my amazement it was still comment after comment of disapproval

” Whaaaah”……..”What in the world of judgement and finger pointing is going on here?”


The sad part is that it was mostly WOMEN!  Yes,  I said women.  I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing and reading.  This is madness!  We have made breastfeeding in public taboo.  Most of the comments were about the fact that it was made public.

I feel we need more exposure like this so that we can normalize breastfeeding.

If you don’t know,  breastfeeding provides protection for your baby.  Babies do not start to produce antibodies until after they are at least 6months.  The antibodies in breastmilk that mothers provide protects their little ones from sickness.

Because we see breastfeeding as taboo,  mothers are shying away from breastfeeding and this is hurting our little ones.

Why are you offended

Look,  if you’re one of those people who believe that mothers shouldn’t breastfeed in public you should ask yourself why?  If the answer is that it’s lewd or in this case the baby is older and you think it’s perverted.  Yes,  these are some of the comments made.  Then I offer this,  perhaps it is your thinking that is all those things not the innocence of a mother providing life and nourishment to her baby.

Think about it!

In the meantime be blessed and do everything in your power to make life sweet!



I am a wife, mom, writer and true believer in creating your own recipe to making life sweet!

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