Hi, I’m Toni Jones.   I’m from southwest Louisiana were food, family, and culture run deep.  After graduating high school I went off to college and lived most of my adult life in New Orleans.  Home of the New Orleans Saints, Great food, Good people and Mardi Gras!  I later received my degree in Science, but through college electives I found out that I had a love for Psychology and finished my degree with a concentration in both Biology and Psychology.  Psychology has given me insight to understanding people and how they think.  More importantly,  I have learned that a healthy mind, home environment, and strong relationships play an important part in our happiness.  I use what I have learned to navigate through life and apply it to my surroundings.

I’m married to my best friend who just happens to be named Tony also (with a Y).  We are a Military family and we relocate often.  At the moment we are in the Tri State Area exploring and enjoying all that it has to offer. Because we move so much, I find myself constantly trying to make a new place like the home I knew as a child where life was slow, peaceful, and Sweet!  I do my best to re-create a stable environment for my family, so that although the address may change, the feeling of being in the comfort of home remains the same.

In this blog I share the ingredients that I use to make our lives comfortable.  These ingredients are a Healthy Mind, Self Love, Home Environment , Healthy relationships, and Love.  These are the key ingredients to making life sweet where ever we are.


I am a wife, mom, blogger and true believer in creating your own recipe to making life sweet!

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