6 Things You Should Be Doing Every Morning

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6 Things You Should Be Doing Every Morning

The 6 Things You Should Be Doing Every Morning

Mornings are either great to you or not so great depending on your personality.  Are you a morning person or a night owl?  Which ever you are,  having a chaotic unorganized morning can ruin your day.  So developing a morning routine is crucial to getting a great start to your day.

Your morning routine will keep you on track and set you up for the rest of the day.

I have a morning routine of my own which I follow and it has made a big difference in my day to day.  Through out the day I find myself more focused,  alert and much happier.  Here is a look into how I use 6 very important elements to start my day.

1.  Wake up early.

Every morning I set the alarm clock to 5am, which is about 4 hours earlier than needed.  I wake up early so that I don’t feel rushed and I have time alone with myself.  Alone time is a must for busy Moms.  You’ll have time to clear your head and prepare for the day.  This is the time that I use to focus and reflect on the day ahead.

2.  Meditation

Meditation allows you to clear your thoughts and slows down all the noise in your head.  What do I mean by noise?  It takes away all worries, anxiety, stress, doubts and all negative energy that we deal with everyday.  By doing this you are starting your day with a clean slate.  You are able to achieve inner peace and calm.  If you’re not sure that Meditation is for you than try a different approach.  Try to develop daily affirmations that you can repeat to yourself every morning.  Affirmations are positive phrases that you repeat to yourself about how you want to be.  There are books that focus on affirmations if you need examples or want to read up more on the subject.

3. Reading

You should always read something in the morning whether it’s the morning paper, or a chapter in the bible.  The reason that I read opposed to watching television is because reading kick starts your analytical thinking which is something that watching television or scrolling through social media does not achieve.  Analytical Thinking is what we use to focus, dissect and analyze information.   I like to read positive things like affirmations, inspirational books, or anything motivational.

4.  Eat
6 things you should be doing every day

You must eat breakfast.  Lots of people don’t eat breakfast in the morning.  I use to be one of those people, but I have learned that not eating breakfast is a mistake.  Breakfast starts your metabolism going and gives you the energy you need to make it through the morning.  If helps you to focus more and helps with morning crankiness.  It also helps with weight loss, and in stabilizing insulin and cholesterol levels.

5.  Exercise

Exercise and stretching helps to get your body going.  It is the ultimate pick me up and it’s a great way to get your blood flowing.  When you exercise in the mornings you are able to do so with no interruptions.  This is great for busy moms who run into problems with exercising after work because of busy schedules . Another benefit of working out in the morning is that your body continues to burn calories long after your workout.

6.  Music

Listening to music is great in the morning.  I listen to it while I’m exercising or in the car on my way to work.  I am a true believer in Music Therapy.  Music can change your mood in an instant.  Listening to something fast and up tempo while exercising gives me the extra push I need to make it through my routine.

Then,  while in the car I listen to something like smooth jazz.  Jazz music is very calming.  It relaxes me and gets me ready for the hectic day ahead.  Your music therapy doesn’t have to be the same as mine.  It needs to be something appropriate and to your liking.

These are the 6 elements that are necessary to my morning routine.  All things combined give me the calm and focus that I need to prepare for the day ahead.  What do you do to get your mornings going?  Make your routine one that fits your needs and has the necessary tools to improve your day.



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16 thoughts on “6 Things You Should Be Doing Every Morning

    1. Lol….Hi Charlene. I’m constantly working at it myself. Seems like a simple routine, but I find myself slacking every now and then. I’m a work in progress!

  1. Thanks for sharing this great list! I’m going to work on some of these, especially going to try to start eating breakfast. I’m guilty of skipping that and opting for just a coffee in the morning.

  2. I’m actually working on many of these things myself! With my health and insomnia, a set sleep schedule is very hard for me to maintain so I end up sleeping until noon or 1 in the afternoon and it makes me feel terrible! I just need to take things one step at a time; small victories are better than no victories.

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