DIY: Wall Flower Refills

DIY wall flower refill

Everyone loves a good DIY and I have one here for you that is convenient and cut’s down on cost.  How many of you love Wall Flowers?  I have them in every room.  They keep my home smelling fresh and clean which I love.  So, when I run out of refills I run to the mall to buy more.  Recently, I figured out that I can make my own.  Here’s how:

essential oils DIY wallflower refillsEssential Oils!

  1.  1.  I use my favorite essential oil which is Lavender.  There are plenty of fragrances to choose from and depending on what you like they are reasonably priced.  You can even have a little fun experimenting by mixing two to three different oils together to make your own fragrance.


DIY Wallflower refill

2.  Unscrew your current empty wall flower refill from its base.  Remember these usually turn counter-clockwise to screw on and clock wise to unscrew.  Just the opposite of what we’re use to.



3.  Now remove the wick from the bottle and add the essential oil that you have chosen to the empty refill.  I added 10 drops of lavender oil.  I also made one for the Garage with 5 drops of peppermint oil.  I use peppermint oil because spiders and mice don’t like the smell.  I don’t like spiders so this is a must have in the Garage for me.

DIY wall flower refill


4.  Add water to the bottle and shake to mix.  Don’t forget when adding the water remember to leave enough room for the wick.  Now, pop the wick firmly back into the top of the bottle.

DIY wallflower refill

5.  Screw the bottle counter-clockwise into it’s base and plug back into the wall and Voilà!


Don’t have wall trees?  You can also make air fresheners using the same method as above, but putting your oil and water into a spray bottle.  It’s a great solution to commercial air fresheners and it’s only a fraction of the cost!

DIY wallflower refill



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